11 Genius Ways To Emotionally Connect With A Taurus Man

How to emotionally connect with a Taurus man

When it comes to connecting with a Taurus man, there are a few key things to keep in mind. 

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus men are known for being stable, grounded, and reliable. 

They are also known for being highly sensual and pleasure-seeking, which can make them a bit of a challenge to connect with on an emotional level.

But don’t let this discourage you! With a little bit of effort and understanding, you can learn how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man, and that emotional connection will last a lifetime. 

But first let’s establish what an emotional connection actually is.

What Is Emotional Connection?

Emotional connection is a deep bond that exists between two people. It is forged through mutual vulnerability and attunement.

Their connection is not based on small talk or dodging uncomfortable topics, but rather, it’s based on deep intimacy and subjective emotions experienced by both of them. 

Both people have to invest in the relationship emotionally to forge an emotional connection and because of this investment, they both become attached to each other emotionally.

Now that we’ve established what emotional connection is, here are 10 genius ways to emotionally connect with a Taurus man:

#1: Show him that you are dependable and reliable. 

Taurus men value stability and consistency, so showing him that you are a dependable and reliable lover will help to build trust and emotional connection. 

Here’s how to show him that you’re reliable and dependable:

  • Don’t pull away love when you’re scared
  • Keep your promises
  • Be there for him when he needs you; and
  • Try to offer warmth even when there is some conflict between you both

#2: Share your interests and passions (and encourage him to share his). 

Taurus men are highly sensual and enjoy experiencing life’s pleasures, so sharing your interests and passions with him will help to deepen your emotional connection. 

Whether it’s music, art, or cooking, find ways to share your passions with him and explore new experiences together.

Alos, ask him about his passions and offer your presence and company for those passions so that you can share them together.

He will not only appreciate the gesture, he will actually feel more emotionally connected to you through the activity.

#3: Offer Patience 

How to emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

Be present and be patient. Show him that you’re willing to earn his trust and to earn the emotional connection with him.

Taurus men can be slow to open up emotionally, so be patient with him and give him the time and space he needs to share his feelings with you.

He won’t want you to push him for information, so don’t expect him to share things before he feels ready to.

Also, keep in mind that A Taurus man will always test your patience. This is one of the ways he figures out whether he can trust you and invest in you over the long term.

For more on this, see: How Does A Taurus Man Test A Woman? 10 Distinct Ways.

#4: Listen to him. 

Most of us love talking about ourselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, Taurus men especially need a partner who is willing to listen and understand their feelings, so make sure you try to develop the skill of being a good listener.

Take the time to understand his perspective, and show him that you can embody his experiences of the world. 

This will open his eyes to the fact that he can really trust you, and this trust will help him open up.

Once he opens up, the possibilities of forging an emotional connection with a Taurus man are endless!

#5: Show him warm & feminine physical affection. 

Next up in the answers to how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man is that you need to show your ability to be affectionate.

Taurus men are highly sensual and appreciate physical touch, so if you can relax into your feminine softness and bring physical affection to the table, it will help him relax and connect with you, too!

He will not only see you as a beautiful feminine Goddess, he will feel safe to open up and emotionally connect. 

If you are not typically very touchy-feely or affectionate, try to soften yourself up – relax into your feminine softness and feel the softness that exists within you as a woman.

This will make your Taurus man warm to the idea of emotional intimacy with you. 

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#6: Show him that you understand and accept his emotional needs. 

As we already established, Taurus men value emotional security and stability. They are sensitive creatures, but Taurus men are also full of pride

Some Taurus men don’t appreciate being seen as less respectable, weak or manly, simply because they are so incredibly sensitive on the inside.

So if you can show him that you understand and accept his emotional needs, that will help to deepen your connection.

But how do you show him that you accept his emotional needs?

Never judge him for his sensitivity. 

Never assume that just because he is a man, he doesn’t need nurturing.

And most importantly, never assume that he doesn’t need your understanding and acceptance for the softer side of him.

He is sensitive and soft on the inside, and that’s ok. 

It also helps if you show that you’re ok with your soft and sensitive side. 

That way, you can lead with your sensitivity and allow him to be comfortable with his own. 

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#7: Show him that you can be trusted. 

Taurus men value trust and loyalty in a relationship, so showing him that you can be trusted is key to building a deep emotional connection with him.

But how do you do this?

Go first!

Lead with your own vulnerability and he will begin to slowly trust you and open up to you.

Sometimes in the quest to learn how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man, we get so focused on him and how to make him do something that we forget something crucial:

That’s it all starts with us.

As a woman, if you can lead with your own vulnerability, that goes a long way towards building trust.

In fact, the best way to achieve an emotional connection with a Taurus man is to embody a concept called ‘high value vulnerability’.

Embodying high value vulnerability will push an emotional trigger inside of your Taurus man and make him want to take care of you and emotionally commit to you forever.

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#8: Meet him where he’s at.

….And don’t fight his masculine direction.

Taurus men are also known to be stubborn and inflexible, so showing him that you are willing to see where he wants to go and what he wants to achieve as a man will help build the emotional connection.

Most men have their own masculine direction, but especially the Taurus man.

Their stubbornness isn’t always for the sake of it.

Sometimes they really believe in what they’re doing and see a lot of good coming from it.

So even if you disagree with him, try to show him that you can meet him where he’s at. You do this by repeating his ideas to him, showing him that you understand them rather than invalidating them. 

This will help build the emotional connection with him.

#9: Show him that you are willing to support him. 

This is connected to the previous sign:

Taurus men value a woman who is willing to support them and see value in their goals, so make sure to be there for him and show him that you are willing to support him in all of his endeavors.

Some of them may seem silly to you, and that’s ok. He’s not going to be right every time.

But you at least want to show that you’re willing to support his ideas and endeavours by not critcizing them or invalidating them first.

#10: Show him that you are committed 

That’s right, show him that you’re not going to leave when it’s hard, and show him that you won’t threaten the relationship when you’re going through tough times.

Taurus men value commitment and stability in a relationship, so showing him that you are willing to work through any challenges that arise will help to deepen your emotional connection with him.

Examples include:

  • Not trying to punish him when you’re afraid or angry
  • Offering him understanding 
  • Working with him on things rather than rejecting him

Of course, if you’re going to commit to a relationship with a Taurus man, you should also be sure that he is likely to commit to you.

Nobody wants to invest in a relationship where the other person isn’t also investing in them.

So you need to ensure you find out how likely he is to commit to you, too.

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#11: Calmly Express your feelings in their raw form

…Don’t resort to blaming, criticizing or over exaggeration just to get his attention.

It will dampen any progress you’ve made towards connecting with your Taurus man. 

Taurus men don’t like venomous emotions thrown at them. It will make them close off to you emotionally.

So instead of expressing emotions of impulse, try to feel deeply into what it is that you feel beneath the frustration.

Are you feeling hurt or scared, angry or rejected?

When you’ve figured it out, try to express these deeper emotions. It is these emotions that will give you the key to emotionally connect with a Taurus man, because he hates emotions levelled at him.

A Taurus man will try to be reasonable with you if you can express your emotions in their raw form rather than resorting to criticizing or blaming.

Emotionally connecting with your taurus

By keeping these 10 tips in mind, you can build a deep emotional connection with a Taurus man that will last a lifetime. 

Remember to lead with your own vulnerability.

Also be patient, lead with your understanding, meet him where he’s at, be supportive, and you will be well on your way to building a strong and lasting connection with your beloved Taurus man.

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