8 Ways To Get A Taurus Man To Chase You Forever (+ 3 Mistakes To AVOID)

How to get a Taurus man to chase you

Are you in love with a Taurus man? You certainly chose an excellent star sign to admire. 

But, to have him fawn over you forever needs more than just love. 

After all, Taurus men are not the simplest creatures on the planet. 

These Venus-ruled men may be represented by the Bull but their hearts are as soft and nurturing as flowers. 

If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to chase you, the first step is to familiarize yourself with their Taurus soul.

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The Nature Of A Taurus Man In Love…

Taurus men represent the Earth element and are known for several shared characteristics. 

They are reliable, practical, romantic and dependable. At the same time, they can be very stubborn and unchanging. 

They don’t fall in love easily, but when they do they don’t set any boundaries. 

After all, Taurus men are known to be hopeless romantics across all star signs.

Don’t let this make you lose hope though. Yes, they can be challenging, but dedication will help you greatly. 

When it comes to getting a Taurus man to chase you, there are 8 things you must do and 3 mistakes you must avoid.

If we are clear on this, let us take a look at what makes a Taurus man chase you forever.

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How To Get A Taurus Man To Chase You

#1. Bold is the way

Taurus men appreciate reciprocal effort from their woman and they want solid relationships based on lasting values. 

They value bold initiatives to feel assured that the other side intends to be serious. 

But what is a bold initiative?

  • It’s you initiating texting every now and then
  • You surprising them with something small but deliberate (like a surprise love note or a new style of tea he’s never tried)
  • You leading with your playfulness; and
  • You being willing to engage them in flirty, genuine conversational banter

You can’t play mind games with Taurus men. The key to their heart is genuine initiative that comes from your intent to connect with them.  

Security is what these men seek. And they develop that feeling of security over time. 

Through smaller, bolder moves you can win a place in their heart. 

The best recommendation I have for you is to engage in high value banter with a Taurus man. Let him see that you’re willing to initiate a playful conversation (that leads to deeper conversations).

Emotionally healthy men in general like to connect through banter as banter is how men show that they care. Though Taurus men are soft at heart, they still enjoy seeing you initiate and bring playfulness to the table.

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#2. Independent Thinking is cherished

A defining quality of Taurus men is dependability.

But, this doesn’t mean they like to babysit. As we’ve already established, these men work hard and show great mental fortitude. 

They expect the same from their partners. Your confidence and independent thinking will easily turn them on.

How can you show them these traits?

Well, first you must know your value. Flaunt your confident self through smart decision-making and an active lifestyle. 

Be mindful of your finances and invest your time in some valuable hobbies. Here are some examples of feminine hobbies that won’t break the bank. 

Taurus men take time to trust, and if you show that you’re capable of your own free thought and decision making, it helps them see that they can also depend on you to make tough decisions in the relationship.

(If it’s ever needed).

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#3. Cheer him on

If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to chase you forever, one secret is to be his cheerleader.


Because it showcases your feminine soft side which he will want to dive into!

Taurus men put their heart and soul into anything they do, and every Taurus man wants to feel secure knowing that his woman is standing behind him, supporting him and believing in his masculine direction. 

Taurus men don’t work hard just to satisfy everybody else in the outside world. 

They work hard for themselves and do not depend on validation. 

Yet, they want their partners to support them for the following reasons:

  1. They want to know that they’re safe to trust you. A Taurus man won’t relax and trust you enough to chase you long-term unless you trust him enough to show you support him first.
  2. That the emotional commitment they put into you will pay off.

They won’t ask for your emotional and mental support out loud, but they dearly want it.

You have to understand that Taurus men can be very reluctant to express themselves. 

This doesn’t mean they don’t want: a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek, a coffee by the riverside, or a walk in the park. 

They look up to their partner for a few words of encouragement or simply a hug from behind. 

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Cheer them on. Let them know that they have you, their very own, feminine woman to cherish for the rest of their life.

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#4. Open your heart

How to get a Taurus man to chase you? 

As mentioned, Taurus men take time to open up as they do not trust easily. 

As such, a vital factor in any relationship with a Taurus man is how vulnerable you can be.

If he knows that you trust his ability to protect your vulnerability, he will be invested in taking care of you. These men don’t like to see their partners in pain and go to any length to provide a sense of belongingness. 

You must share your deepest desires and everything good or bad with them. Keep it honest and clean with them. 

But there’s a caveat here:

You can’t just spill out all your insecurities or tell him you’re in love with him and call it ‘vulnerability’.

There’s high value vulnerability and then there’s low value vulnerability when it comes to men.

If you can embody your feminine high value vulnerability, they will much more easily perceive your vulnerability and respond to it by chasing you, cherishing you and protecting you forever.

This is actually a specific emotional trigger within him that makes him want to take care of you and worship you forever. 

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#5. Show Him Your Interest To Light Up His Soul

…And relieve him of the responsibility to always chase you.

I know this sounds counterintuitive when you are looking for answers on how to get a Taurus man to chase you, but consider this:

When you always expect a man to chase you, what happens?

It becomes an obligation, and this obligation robs him of the joy of chasing you. 

So you want him to retain that inner joy for chasing you by reciprocating with some passion for him. 

It’s not that Taurus men don’t want to chase after you, not at all. When a Taurus man is in love, his affections are limitless.

It becomes his mission to treat his partner with all the care in the world.

To everyone else, he will look like a tough man who is unmoved by loving gestures but deep down he really is! 

The only thing is, he doesn’t want to be the sole chaser, as that doesn’t spark his passion.

So he expects the same level of passion for him from his partner. If you leave it all up to him, it won’t inspire him to chase you back as he will just lose trust and interest in you.

….After all, where’s the excitement and the juice in being the only one to treat and surprise your lover?

Surprise him with the following sweet gestures: 

  • Suggest a few dates
  • Offer unexpected kisses and hugs
  • Write notes to him
  • Tell him how much he means to you
  • If he’s having a rough day at work, send him a kind note or his favorite lunch
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#6. Loyalty makes him love more.

Taurus men are very committed individuals. 

Once they set their heart on someone, they don’t take a step back easily. 

If you want him to accept and reciprocate your feelings wholeheartedly, you should show how loyal you are. 

Show how serious you are about him around others, and this will mean the world to him.

Make sure everyone knows you only have eyes for him.

Remember above we learned that you can’t play games with a Taurus? 

So rather than trying to make him jealous or insecure by seeking attention from other guys, show your loyalty and this will endear him to you over time.

This will make him perceive enough value in the connection with you to want to keep chasing you forever.

A Taurus man wouldn’t leave you if he knows you would maintain your relationship in public, defend him whenever someone tries to undermine him, and reject flirtatious advances from others. 

Never try to play hard-to-get with him. Taurus men can get really insecure over romance, and assurances help them control their jealousy. 

Try to provide them with a safe and loving environment. Keep your promises, and that will go a long way for getting a Taurus man to chase you for an eternity.

#7. Intimacy is vital  

When it comes to intimacy, you wouldn’t find anyone quite like a Taurus man. 

They come with a great sensual appetite and never leave their partner unsatisfied. 

To them, sex forges stronger bonds between partners, and communication during sex is super important. 

Taurus men take their time and give space to their partner to feel, explore and experiment. 

You should tell him how you feel about sex, what you want him to do, and how you want things done.

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#8. Have patience 

How to get a Taurus man to chase you?

Remember one thing about Taurus men: they tend to be slow-paced, relaxed, and practical. 

They want their partners to acknowledge that, because if you expect him to chase you intensely right from the start, you’ll be setting the relationship up for failure.

Instead, expect slow and steady.

A Taurus man would never leave you if he finds merit in your dedication. Your dedication will manifest in patience, an attribute essential for dealing with him. 

Don’t complain all the time, and give him space to deliberate. 

Taurus men hate to mess things up. 

Let them enjoy the relationship in a thoughtful and well-balanced manner. 

If you have any misgivings, communicate them. But, don’t impose yourself on him and try to control him.

Now, I cannot let you go without warning you about 3 things that you must not do when getting a Taurus man to chase you. 

I might have painted a rosy picture but never forget that Taurus men are hardened bulls and carry certain uncompromising features. 

Avoid these 3 mistakes if you want a Taurus man to chase you.

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#1. Don’t undermine him

If you are already with a Taurus man, you would know that he takes pride in his efforts.

Anything he does towards the relationship is sincere and wholesome. It is no wonder, thus, that they don’t like it when they are undermined.

Being stubborn in nature, it may be a bit difficult to reason with a Taurus man.

But, that only happens if he isn’t given adequate reasons for the treatment meted out to him. Appreciate his efforts, and don’t question his intentions unreasonably if you want him to open up and chase you more. 

If you have any doubts about things he has done, be gentle with your words and inquire. 

Don’t attack him with accusations. He won’t take it lightly.

Also, be careful not to show signs of low value in the first year or two of dating him. A Taurus man proceeds at a slower pace and this can bring out our more desperate side at times, especially if you’re a more anxious woman.

So make sure you avoid showing signs of low value (if you can help it. As we all show signs of low value at times I don’t want to pressure you, but just be mindful of it.)

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2. Don’t call him emotionally unavailable

There are only a few signs that show as much reliability in relationships as Taurus. 

Venus is their ruling planet, and this symbolizes their admiration for union and harmony. 

A Taurus man is a protector by heart but his outward nature may be shy and laid back. 

He would show his affection through various direct as well as indirect means. 

But, many times, these men are considered emotionally unavailable. It is not true! They are the kind of people who tend to believe more in actions than words.

Remember that and try to avoid accusing him of being emotionally unavailable. 

3. Don’t fake it

You don’t have to be someone else to win his affection. 

Taurus men rely on their judgment and are rarely influenced by public opinion. 

Known to have a highly observant personality, they notice and remember all the little things in their partner. 

Thus, it is best to be what you actually are. Don’t try to please them all the time. 

Be honest with them, tell them what you liked or disliked, and build strong channels of communication as well as a strong emotional connection. 

Remember, if you try to paint a perfect picture, they will see right through you. 

Failure to have a Taurus man trust you is the end of your relationship and the end of his interstate in chasing you.

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Final Words

Falling in love with a Taurus man is like writing a long, detailed love story. 

Every chapter has depth and meaning in it. 

You won’t see yourself dating him in the first few pages and may feel dejected for some time. 

But, as your story progresses, you’ll realize how incredible your life has become. 

When a Taurus man loves, he will let you fully into his heart and into his life. 

And yet, he takes his time, he sees through everything, he lets go of his apprehensions, and then he falls in love. 

The entire process is nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. 

If you truly love him and he shows signs of commitment, do not give up on him!If you’d like to discover how likely he is to commit to you, you can take our free quiz to find out for yourself! QUIZ TIME: Is your man serious about committing to you? CLICK HERE to find out with this specially crafted quiz!

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