Will He Come Back? 7 Signs He Will + 3 Mistakes To AVOID

Will he come back

Are you wondering if your relationship is coming to an end and whether or not he will come back to you?

You may be feeling uncertain about your future together, but there are a few signs that may give you hope.

In addition, it’s important not to make any critical mistakes that could leave you feeling worse.

Read on to learn more about the five signs he may come back and the three things you should avoid.

#1: He Still Keeps In Touch With You

Does he still reach out to you via text, phone or social media?

If he is still keeping in touch with you, this can mean that he is still interested in you and your relationship, and is giving you signals of his intentions.

If he has been texting, calling or sending you other forms of communication regularly, it’s likely that he’s still invested in the relationship.

One key here is consistency.

If he has been initiating contact regularly and consistently, it shows that he still cares about you – to an extent.

But beware: it doesn’t always mean that he will emotionally commit to you.

It might mean that he will just keep you around until the right woman comes along.

So you have to work out exactly how committed he is to you emotionally, physically and mentally.

You can work that out with our quick, free quiz: QUIZ TIME: Is your man serious about committing to you? CLICK HERE to find out with this specially crafted quiz! 

#2: He Apologizes and Takes Responsibility

Did he do something to hurt you in the past?

Did he break up with you carelessly?

Maybe he’s been disloyal in one way or another.

If he did hurt you and he’s willing to do what it takes to adjust his behavior to your liking in the future, there is hope.

One of the key signs he will come back is if he apologizes for his behavior and takes responsibility for it.

He may acknowledge that he hurt you and that he is sorry for it.

But of course, the disclaimer is that he has to be willing to take responsibility for his actions.

Additionally, it can show that he cares about the relationship and wants to make things right.

What are the signs he’s willing to take responsibility?

  • He shows remorse
  • Adjusts his behavior to what you need (or at least tries)
  • Owns up to his mistakes
  • He listens to how you feel

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#3: He Talks About The Future.

If your guy is still discussing plans with you, even if they are far in the future, it could be a sign that he intends to stay in the relationship.

He may be trying to show you that he still wants to be part of your future.

But guys do talk about the future and make verbal promises with no genuine plans to deliver on them.

So you have to see if his words match his actions.

Of course he doesn’t have to deliver on every verbal promise in a hurry, but if his intentions are pure, then you’ll likely feel it in your gut.

So don’t ignore your gut. It’s there to serve you.

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#4: He Takes A Leadership Role.

Will he come back?

He might indeed come back if he’s taking initiative and leading your relationship to better places.

What does better places mean?

It means he cares enough about the relationship to make beautiful memories, do fun things together, or just tries to make you feel special.

Also, when your man takes a leadership role in bridging any differences between the two of you, it could be a sign that he will come back.

If he is willing to take the first steps to build positive associations in the relationship, heal any wounds and make things right, it could mean that he is ready to recommit.

If, on the other hand, he is passive and reluctant to take the lead, this might not be the case.

#5: He Shares His Feelings With You Openly. 

Many men may not be comfortable being open about their feelings, or just don’t know how to articulate them.

So if your guy is, it can be a sign that he wants the relationship to continue.

When a man truly cares about a woman, he will be honest about his wants and needs and he will be willing to talk about his love for her and their future together.

If he is willing to open up about his thoughts and emotions, this can show that he trusts you and wants to move forward with the relationship.

But it can also show that he wants to manipulate you.

Yes, some men will talk about feelings just to gain your approval and attention for the short-term.

So be careful:

I recommend you test him to see how much he really cares. Learn how to do that with The Feminine Woman’s article on How to Test Him to See If He Cares. 

#6: He Reflects On His Actions.

Similar to him showing remorse or regret, is him reflecting on his actions.

If you often see him deep in thought about his own actions, then perhaps he’s heard your complaints and your pain.

If you’re still asking yourself “will he come back?”, this is one of the biggest signs to take note of.

Reflecting on your behavior is a sign of maturity, and it can give hope that he will come back.

He may also be willing to work on himself in order to make the relationship better for both of you.

#7: He Expresses His Appreciation.

Will he come back?

If he is willing to express how much he appreciates you and your relationship, this could be a sign that he will come back.

This is especially true if he expresses it in small, everyday moments, rather than over-the-top, extravagant actions that make you feel uneasy.

If the expressions of appreciation are coupled with obvious actions indicating his commitment to you, that’s a big reason to remain hopeful.

THREE Mistakes You Should NEVER Make If You Want Him To Come Back

#1: Showing Signs You Are A Low Value Woman

What is the meaning of “low value?”

It means you’re desperate and have nothing of value to offer a man.

There are 7 common signs a woman is low value in the eyes of all men.

Yes, even the most degenerate, useless men can smell low value energy from a mile away.

So make sure you avoid the 7 common signs a woman is low value.

(Why is this important? Because men and women perceive value very differently and you don’t want to be making mistakes that would cause quality men to dismiss, abandon or alienate you.)

#2: Giving Him An Ultimatum.

If you want him to come back, don’t make the mistake of giving him an ultimatum.

Hey, I know times are tough, but this won’t help you! I promise.

This is a surefire way to push him away and make him feel pressured.

It might feel good to make a stand in the moment, but ultimatums can damage the trust in your relationship and make it difficult for him to come back.

Instead of resorting to ultimatums, try to take the time to breathe and release that desperation.

If you are able to, you can think about having a conversation about your concerns with him.

Let him know how he can gain your trust back, but don’t be manipulative, it’s never going to take you anywhere great.

#3: Assuming He Will Come Back.

…In other words, being too arrogant about it all.

In an effort to protect your vulnerable heart, you might feel tempted to take the more arrogant approach:

To assume that he’ll want you back no matter what, because you’re pretty, young and sexy.

These things will not make him come back with the intent to emotionally commit.

They never can – not even close.

Instead, what you need to do is actively try to build the emotional attraction and emotional connection in the relationship so that he WILL fall in love and want to come back naturally.

Then, you’ll be able to stop asking yourself will he come back.

While it’s understandable that you may feel helpless, don’t wait around for fairy magic to happen.

Your looks and your creativity aren’t enough. Only the emotional connection and emotional attraction he feels with you will.

So how do you build the emotional attraction?

First of all, you can use high value banter. Why does banter build emotional attraction?

Because of the playfulness of banter.

Real high value banter brings playfulness into the picture and helps him fall in love with you.

If you’d like some examples of playful banter you can use today, take David Shen’s free class on the dark feminine art of high value banter here. 

Second of all, don’t focus on your looks or all the sexual stuff.

Because if that’s all you’ve got to offer, he will never come back for the right reasons.

Focus on how you make him feel emotionally.

Will He Come Back? What to do Moving Forward

Knowing all of these signs will help you determine if your man will come back.

But the mistake you should never make is to show up low value, manipulate him, or just assume that he will come back because of your looks or something superficial like that.

Remember, you can’t manipulate him into coming back long-term.

So focus on the right things and you may see positive results.

To get a deeper understanding of how committed he is, take the quiz to find out how commitment friendly he is. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if he will come back?

Trying to determine whether or not he will come back can be difficult, but mostly time will tell.

And your gut instinct.

Our gut usually knows the answer, unless you are feeling too desperate to notice and feel the truth.

See: usually we know, but we’re in denial. 

It is also important to consider the context of the relationship.

For example, how you both feel towards each other or the past behavior patterns of both of you.

Ultimately, it will come down to your intuition and gut instinct.

How long should you wait for a guy to come back?

When you’re hurt over a breakup, it’s understandable that you want to know how long the pain will have to last and whether he will ever come back.

The answer is going to vary depending on the unique situation, but generally speaking, it is important to give a guy enough time to process his own thoughts and emotions before attempting to reach out.

It is wise to wait at least two or three weeks before making contact.

This gives him the space and time he needs to work through his feelings in a healthy way and come to a decision about the relationship.

What makes a man come back to you?

Quite simply, it’s one of two reasons.

1: It’s the fact that he’s in love with you that always makes him come back; or 

2: That he wants you to fulfill his needs for sex or attention.

In other words, it’s romantic love or sex. Never both. If a man’s in love with you, he’ll come back out of love and care.

If he’s not, he’ll come back out of the need for you to fulfill his own needs. 

To work out whether he’s in love with you or not, see these 5 unusual signs he’s madly in love with you. 

Will he come back after no contact?

He might come back, especially if you got through the full month of no contact.

But he will only come back if there were enough positive feelings towards you (that outweigh the negative feelings).

He won’t ever come back if the relationship was a source of toxic negativity, if you didn’t appreciate him, or if you were just using him.

It might have taken him a while to leave the relationship if it was toxic, but if the relationship was toxic and he’s still not back after a month of no contact, then chances are he won’t come back and you should move on.

To help you answer the question will he come back after no contact, here’s a helpful article detailing 5 Signs He Will & 5 Signs He Won’t. 

Will he come back if I leave him alone?

Not always. 

Leaving him alone is not the determining factor of whether he will come back to you out of love and commit to you.

Instead, the way he feels about you determines whether he will come back to the relationship.

Also, if he knows you’ll be open to offering him sex again, then there’s a slight chance he will come back if you leave him alone, because he may not want to lose the regular supply of sex. 

So even if he does come back, you should ask yourself whether he’s coming back for the sex or for you.

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