17 Agonizing Signs He Will NEVER Come Back

Signs he will never come back

Are you in a relationship that’s ending and you’re wondering if it’s over for good?

Have you been feeling heartache and signs of disconnection, but not quite sure what it all means? 

You may be worrying if he will ever come back to you.

Though it can feel like the end of the world now, understanding signs he will never come back can help make this difficult time easier.

Here are 17 agonizing signs he will never come back so that you can gain clarity on what lies ahead.

1. He stops talking about the future with you.

When a man is truly committed to being with you, he’ll tend to think about your lives together in the long-term. 

If your man has been avoiding talking about the future with you, it’s one of the possible signs he is not as invested in your relationship as he once was.

Having said that, it’s also important to note that men can talk about the future to fool you too.

Some men have good “game” and what that means is they will use words to try to keep seducing you.

That is, seducing you into bed but also seducing you into wasting time with him even though he’s not serious about you.

So be careful.

The best thing to do is to test a man. You can’t assume it’s real if it’s not tested.

Here are some ways to test him and see if he truly cares. 

2. He No Longer Cares to Keep in Touch

One of the telltale signs he will never come back is when he stops trying to stay connected with you on a regular basis. 

If his contact becomes sporadic and dwindles over time, this could be a sign for worry.

Obviously you have to be attuned and smart about this.

Some men withdraw from the relationship due to immense stress in their live, like problems at work, problems with money, or even due to the death of someone close to them.

So have a think about it.

Is he often unavailable when you text or call?

And if he is unavailable, has it lasted more than 2 months? 

If it has, then he’s not coming back.

And even if he does eventually come back, it may not be for good reasons.

Here are 7 Signs he WILL Come Back + 3 Mistakes to AVOID.

3. He’s No Longer Interested In What You Have To Say

A man who loves you will spend time to try to listen to you.

He may not understand you fully, he might get frustrated or he might treat all your words as a problem to solve (rather than emotions that require a listening ear), but he will do his best to listen.

And you’ll feel him trying because you’ll feel him trying to offer his presence. 

…Provided you are also emotionally present and not just trying to criticize him.

But when your conversations become one-sided and it feels like he’s no longer even bothered with listening to what you have to say, then this is a big red flag. 

If he has stopped engaging with you, then it’s an indication that something may be seriously wrong.

You might want to try to discover how likely he is to commit to you emotionally. If you want to find that out, you can find it out for yourself using our quick, free quiz!

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4. He Stops Complimenting You

Another sign that he might never come back is if he stops complimenting you or expressing his admiration for you altogether. 

Usually if we want to be with someone; if we love them, there’s things about them that we’re a fan of.

But if we no longer love them or want to be with them – we can think less of them. 

This can be especially hard to face when it’s someone who used to make a habit of doing this all the time, and now it’s a thing of the past.

But it’s ok…even if it doesn’t feel like it’s ok.

It will hurt for now, but you are strong enough to withstand this over time.

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5. He Avoids You in Public

If he’s avoiding you in public, then it could be a sign that things are really over for him. 

This can be especially true if he used to be proud to show off his relationship and now won’t even acknowledge your presence when you’re out together.

Don’t force it…just see this for what it is and try to process it in your own time.

6. He Becomes Distant

When a man begins to drift away from his woman it can feel lonely, and in some cases, it will feel like an emotional roller coaster ride. 

If he has become distant from you and is constantly unavailable, this could be one of the signs that the end is near and there’s no turning back for him.

Also keep in mind that it is not that uncommon for partners to drift away from each other even in long term marriages.

It doesn’t always mean the end is near, but if you see this sign in combination with a lot of the other signs he will never come back, then take it seriously, it’s a warning sign of the end.

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7. He Breaks Plans

Is he showing signs that he doesn’t take your plans seriously anymore?

Does he make plans and break them a lot?

Worse still, do you find yourself repeatedly sensing that he’s going to break the plans as the time comes near? 

If your man is suddenly breaking plans or doesn’t seem too excited about spending time together, then it may be best to face the possibility that he will never come back.

8. He Doesn’t Seem Excited Around You

If your man used to be full of excitement when he was around you and now it’s like there’s no spark left, this could be a sign that things have changed. 

Keep in mind that things changing doesn’t mean they’ll end completely.

Think of it more as an early warning sign…

If he no longer looks forward to spending time together, then chances are he doesn’t actually enjoy himself around you nor care enough about you anymore.

You can try to bring him back, but don’t do it just because you’re afraid of loss. 

Do it because you truly see long term value in being with him.

9. He Stops Making an Effort

If your man stops making an effort to please you or make you happy, then this could be a sign that he has given up on the relationship.

…Or no longer sees a point.

…Or he feels like he simply isn’t capable of keeping you happy. 

It’s normal for couples to want to put in extra effort and make each other feel special, but if you can tell that he’s stopped putting in any effort at all, then it may be time to accept this as one of the signs he will never come back.

10. He Ignores Your Feelings

This is a big one.

When a man no longer cares about how you feel, this can be a huge sign that things are over between you. 


Because the one big sign of emotional commitment from a man is that he cares about your feelings.

In fact, that’s one of the hardest things for a man to do – care about a woman’s feelings, but it’s the most telling thing he can do to indicate his commitment.

So if he’s always ignoring your feelings now, he’s likely done.

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11. He Doesn’t Respond to Your Messages

Other than ignoring your feelings, does he also ignore your text or voice messages?

If he used to be constantly texting you and responding to your messages but now takes hours or days to reply, this could be signs that he has moved on from the relationship. 

(He may only be replying out of guilt or because he thinks he has to be a nice guy.)

Even if he still replies eventually, it’s important to remember that communication is key in any relationship and if he’s no longer willing to invest in the communication itself, then chances are he won’t ever come back.

12. He Stops Being Affectionate

One of the telltale signs he will never come back is when he doesn’t offer physical affection anymore.

Any kind of physical affection between two people can be an indication of how they feel about each other, so if your man stops being affectionate with you, then it could be signs that he has emotionally and mentally moved on. 

This can be especially true if he used to be a lot more affectionate and now avoids any kind of physical contact with you altogether.

Simply put, he might be feeling “over” you, or just have nothing left to offer for whatever reason. 

13. He Loses Respect For You

Lost respect includes behaviors such as:

  • Ignoring your opinions
  • Belittling you emotions
  • Saying bad things about the people you care about
  • Ignoring great achievements or hard work
  • Laughing at you when you’re vulnerable
  • Ignoring you when you’re suffering

If he starts putting you down or not listening to what you have to say anymore, then there may be a sign that he no longer cares or wants to invest in you.

14. He’s Always Busy

If he seems too busy for a relationship and always has an excuse when it comes time to spend time together, this could be a sign he’s never coming back.

When a man cares about you and the relationship, he’ll prioritise it. 

Sure he may have work or family commitments, but you will feel his effort to keep the relationship alive – not try to run away from it!

15. He Doesn’t Bring You To Spend Time with His Friends

Interestingly, sometimes married men won’t even bring their wives to meet their friends.

Some relationships are so full of resentment that they won’t even be seen with each other.

If this is your relationship, then you really have to question whether you have one at all.

He will be proud to have you come along and spend time with his friends if he’s into you!

16. He Keeps Saying “We’ll See” 

If your man keeps saying “We’ll see” or “Maybe one day” when you bring up the idea of getting back together, this could be one of the signs that he will never come back.

This phrase can often be used as a way to delay any closure, so if he keeps repeating it, then he might be trying to lead you on or just let you down easily. 

Keep in mind, he could have no intention of emotionally committing to you but still keep you around.

Yes, men may do that!

Usually this happens if you’re in the “one of many” category to him.

It will never happen if you’re in the “one and only” category, however.

What’s the “one of many” category?

It’s one of two categories men will put you in when they date you.

When you’re in that category, you won’t receive the emotional commitment you deserve.

However, if you’re the one and only, you’ll get everything he has – he will commit to you fully, with little hesitation, if any.

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…And yes, a man can stay in a relationship with you for decades if you’re the “one of many” woman.

There’s no harm in keeping you around, for a man.

Unless you cause him emotional or physical damage. 

17. He starts picking fights with you more often

A telling sign that someone is done in a relationship is when they start to pick fights more frequently than usual— even over small matters. 

This is a sign that he has lost interest and feels emotionally disconnected from you both on a conscious and subconscious level.

It’s also his way of pushing you away from him.

And he’ll use any little excuse to do so. 


Breakups can be extremely difficult and painful, but if you know the signs that someone will never come back, it can help make the process easier. 

Pay attention to signs such as lack of communication, not introducing you to friends and family, or constantly avoiding spending time together, you can make a more empowered decision about what steps to take next. 

If you see at least 7 of these signs, it’s really time to focus on moving forward with your life rather than wasting time hoping for a reconciliation. 

No matter how hard it may seem right now, you will get through this difficult situation and find happiness again.  

Take care of yourself and remember that you deserve better!

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