10 Shocking Signs He Regrets Sleeping with You

Signs he regrets sleeping with you

Is your man showing signs he regrets sleeping with you?

Most women are wary about how a guy responds or acts toward them after an intimate encounter. 

It’s normal to feel that way because you wonder if he feels the same way about you or is in it solely for sexual pleasure.

It could be a serious red flag if he starts to pull away from you. Also, it could indicate he is not as emotionally invested as you are. 

No need to keep guessing. We’ll break down the signs that he regrets his decision to sleep with you, so you know when it’s time to move on.

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Ten Signs He Regrets Sleeping with You

Not all men are the same, so they might not express their feelings similarly. 

However, these common signs will tell you that he regrets being intimate with you.

1. He Ignores You

If a man is into you, he will stay in communication with you, at least 80% of the time. 

However, if he becomes less responsive and does not reply to your calls or texts, it is a sign that he regrets his decision to sleep with you.

If he does not respond for a few hours, it could be that he is busy at work or has other important matters to attend to. 

But if this pattern continues for a few more days, and he becomes distant and quiet, it tells you that he is no longer interested.

This sign is especially telling if he wasn’t like this before you got intimate. 

For example, if he constantly texted back or answered your calls, and there was a sudden behavior change, then there’s a good chance that he has lost interest in you.

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2. He Won’t Make Eye Contact

The lack of eye contact is a tell-tale sign he doesn’t want to sleep with you again. It is human nature to look into someone’s eyes when talking to express sincerity.

Moreover, maintaining eye contact is an intimate experience between two people. 

It is one of the first steps to sexual intimacy, according to Psychology Today

If he cannot look you in the eye, it means he feels awkward or is trying to evade a discussion about your sexual encounter. 

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3. His Body Language Has Changed

Even if a man spends time with you, you can tell he regrets sleeping with you based on his body language. The phrase “actions speak louder than words” applies in this scenario.

While he cannot verbally express that he regrets the experience, you can feel it through his body language. It’s easy to fake your words, but you can’t do that with your body language. 

Among the tell-tale indicators he regrets sleeping with you is when he is no longer affectionate or intimate with you. 

Instead, he likes to keep his distance. Also, you no longer feel that sexual tension when you’re around him. This behavior stands out when he used to be flirty and can’t seem to get enough of you. 

In addition to not being intimate, he also brushes off any affection from you. 

His behavior and interest in you have taken a 180-degree turn. It’s his way of communicating his lack of interest in being physically and emotionally intimate with you – again. 

If this sign occurs along with any other signs on this list, he likely regrets his decision to sleep with you (for whatever reason). 

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4. He Makes Excuses Not to See You

This sign is a serious red flag if he would reach out to you first or make an effort to hang out before you’ve done the deed. 

And yet, he suddenly makes every excuse not to spend time with you.

While every person has their own life to live, and your schedules might not align all the time, it stands out when he makes an effort to avoid you. 

If you feel like you are begging for his time, it’s best to stop and think about the message he’s sending you.

You don’t want to be the only one making an effort to hang out or spend time together. If it feels one-sided, you should get the hint that he does not want to spend time with you.

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5. He is Always Distracted When He’s With You

On those rare occasions you’re able to spend time with him, he is not mentally or emotionally present. 

He might be physically present, but is not invested in your time together.

For example, he constantly checks his phone instead of conversing with you. 

It might also appear that he is fidgety and is eager to get out of the situation. 

You can tell when a person is uncomfortable around you because they won’t engage in a conversation or are always looking for a source of distraction.

If he does engage in a conversation with you, he keeps all subjects superficial. 

For example, he distracts you by discussing the weather or any topic you’re not interested in. 

He does not try to find a common interest where you can have a deep and personal conversation. 

It shows that he is not interested in your life or feelings, so he tries to avoid those topics. You probably have not even talked about your sexual encounter at all!

The loss of interest is among the signs he regrets sleeping with you and is just waiting for things to end officially.

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6. You Only Spend a Short Amount of Time Together

Is he spending less time with you? Take it as a sign that he wasn’t happy about your sexual experience and might no longer be interested in moving forward with your relationship.

For most people, spending quality time together is the best way to show that they care for the other person. 

You don’t even have to go on a romantic date or do something extravagant. The opportunity to spend time is a treasured moment if you value the other person.

On the flip side, a man who isn’t interested in you isn’t intent on spending time with you. 

If he does spend time with you, he likes to keep it as short as possible. It’s like a duty for him to show up and meet with you rather than make an effort to connect deeply with each other.

It could be that he is lowkey trying to get you to break it off with him.

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7. He Acts Extra Nice

This sign is the most difficult to discern, so pay close attention to his actions. 

Some men who regret sleeping with you will act extra nice around you. 

But why, you ask?

When a man realizes that he is not sexually or emotionally into you, he might regret his decision to sleep with you and feel guilty. 

However, he cannot verbally apologize to you, so he makes up for it by being extra nice. 

It’s strange behavior, but some men don’t want to hurt your feelings, even though they don’t want to be in a relationship with you. 

Therefore, acting nice around you is their defense mechanism to wash off the guilt.

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8. He Dismisses You (and Can Even Be Rude!)

On the other end of the spectrum, some men will become dismissive and rude toward you when regretting their decision to sleep with you. 

They are frustrated with themselves for being involved with you, but they have no way to lash out.

As a result, they are highly irritated when you attempt to reach out to them. They will dismiss your calls or become unnecessarily rude when responding to you.

Some men act this way as a natural response because they can’t fully express how they feel. 

But other men will do it intentionally, to make it so that you will never want to get close to them again.

You can call this pushing you away or sabotaging. 

Whatever it is, it’s unpleasant for you and you shouldn’t try to force him to think differently, because that will make him feel worse.

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9. He Spreads Negative Comments About Your Sexual Encounter

Spreading negative rumors and comments about your sexual encounter is the most immature thing a man can do when he regrets sleeping with you. 

Yet, surprisingly, it happens more often than you think.

He might not be fully satisfied with your sexual encounter for one reason or another. As a result, he will punish you by making negative comments to embarrass you. 

Whether he’s an inherently horrible person or not, it is best to keep your distance from a man like this and move on.

And keep an eye out for these 8 Unusual Red Flags.

10. He Encourages You to See Others

One of the definite signs he regrets sleeping with you is if he encourages you to see other men. 

He doesn’t think that you two could work it out. Therefore, he tries to find another guy for you to “make it up” to you. 

He believes that finding another guy for you to date will ease the pain he caused. 

He might care for you, but inside he knows that you are not emotionally and physically right for each other. 

What this means is that he doesn’t feel much emotional attraction and emotional connection towards you.

If he felt enough of these two crucial factors, then he would likely stay.

So here’s what I recommend for the future:

What to do If He Regrets Sleeping With You

You can work on building emotional attraction and emotional connection with him, but chances are, if you’ve already slept together, that that will be harder to do now.

You can try to do it, and the best way to build emotional connection and attraction with a guy who is losing interest is by using high value banter.

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But if this current relationship is too far gone, remember this:

You should always – and I mean always – build up high levels of emotional attraction and emotional connection with a man before you sleep with him.

This will ensure that there’s a romantic bond between you both, which will glue you and a man together long-term. 

This is what is known as a ‘pair bond’, and if you can create that pair bond with a man, then he will stay, and you won’t have to worry that having sex with him will make him leave.

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The Bottom Line

If a guy likes you, he will let you know through his actions. Pay attention to how he acts around you, especially after you’ve slept together. 

Knowing how to decipher the signs he regrets sleeping with you can save you from pain and help manage your expectations. 

It will also save you both from an awkward situation and allow you to find someone who’s worth dating! 

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