How to Make Him Miss You: 10 Proven Strategies & Techniques

how to make him miss you

Imagine this: You’re in a relationship, and for some reason, your man seems distant. You can’t help but wonder how to make him miss you and crave your presence.

Or maybe you’ve just gone through a breakup, and you really want your ex back. You want him to miss you, crave you and need you back.

The good news is, you have the power to create that longing in him, and it all starts with understanding the psychology of missing someone and utilizing proven techniques to create an irresistible connection.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 tried and tested strategies that will make him miss you like crazy, without losing him in the process.

We’ll dive into the world of emotional connections, the power of scent, cultivating a sense of feminine mystery, and more. You’ll learn the art of flirting, playfulness, and banter to keep things exciting, and discover how to balance giving him space while showing interest.

Get ready to ignite his desire and learn how to make him miss you more than ever before!

How to make him miss you

Short Summary

  • Create an emotional connection and attraction to make him miss you.
  • Harness the power of scent, be unforgettable, & give yourself what you need to be content.
  • Strike a balance between giving space and showing interest – don’t chase him!
  • Frequently asked questions answered

Understanding the Psychology of Missing Someone

Missing someone is a natural and powerful emotional response that occurs when we’re separated from something or someone important to us.

But how can we use this psychology to make a guy miss us?

The key lies in creating a strong emotional connection and attraction. These two things will not only make him feel attached to you, they will be the glue that keeps you two together long-term.

When we’re emotionally attached to someone, we feel a sense of loss when they’re not around. This sense of loss fuels our longing for their presence and makes us miss them like crazy.

So, how do we create this sense of attachment in a man?

We will address this in the 10 steps below.

But first, let’s address one important principle: the concept of balancing showing interest and giving him space.

Because if you let that go out of whack, nothing else will fall into place.

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How to Make Him Miss You Without Losing Him? (Use Balance: Give Him Space and Show Interest)

Finding the right balance between giving him space and showing interest is essential to make him miss you without driving him away.

If you show too much interest, he may see that as a sign that you’re low value. While giving him too much space could make him lose interest.

So, how can you strike the perfect balance?

  • Start by giving him some breathing room and focusing on your own life.
  • Don’t meet all your needs through him and put yourself first.
  • Don’t always rush to say “yes” when he asks you out. Think carefully about when you’re available to him.

To show interest, allow yourself to initiate contact while letting him know (through your actions) that you’re not just waiting around for him.

  • Allow him to get to know you bit by bit as you meet – don’t lay all your cards on the table. Don’t give away every little thing out of fear of losing him.
  • It’s ok to show a little jealousy to let him know you care and are paying attention.
  • Be yourself. Create your own path and own the journey.
  • Give him some time for himself and show him how amazing you are when he’s around.
  • Remember, don’t worry too much, don’t control too much and let things happen as they will.

Final tip about finding the perfect balance:

Don’t over-control things. It’s when you try too hard to control things that this balance is messed up.

Aside from upsetting the balance, women who try hard to control things will find that this strangles their natural feminine energy.

Feminine energy is naturally out of control, because it exists in flow. 

Without this feminine energy (and with predominantly controlling, masculine energy), you will risk making him think you’re low value.

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#1: Create Unforgettable Memories Together

Obviously this one is only applicable if you are already at least dating him.

But one way to make him miss you is to create unforgettable memories together by doing something new and exciting that will stay in his memory.

This can involve trying new things together and being each other’s firsts in those new experiences.

  • Go see a musical or theatre show together
  • Go to a theme park
  • Learn a new sport together

Additionally, leaving something that will remind him of you, like your favorite book or a piece of clothing, could spark his memories of all the fun times you shared and make him start to miss you.

#2: Utilize the Power of Scent

Scent is a powerful memory trigger and can play a huge role in making a man miss you.

To harness this power, try wearing a specific perfume every time you see him and leave a shirt of yours at his place that he can smell when he’s missing you.

However, be careful not to overpower your natural feminine scent with perfume, as it can be a turn off for men.

Creating a signature scent is crucial because smells can bring back memories and evoke emotions, even when you’re not around.

By consistently wearing a particular scent, you can establish a strong connection between that smell and your presence, making him think of you every time he encounters that fragrance.

Leaving your belongings at his place can also have a similar effect, as your stuff will likely carry your scent! He will notice the smell and begin to miss you.

Just be mindful not to do it too often, or he might think you’re careless or disrespecting his personal space.

Or if he’s a clean freak and likes things tidy, he might be annoyed by it if you leave too many things around.

As always, balance is key.

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How to make him miss you

#3: Embrace Your Sense of Identity Outside of The Relationship

Maintaining your sense of identity outside of the relationship is vital to make your man miss you more and not be clingy or needy.

Having the ability to be happy alone and pursue the things that you want to contribute to the world is the key to make him miss you when you are apart.

Be someone with substance, in other words. Don’t rely on only your man to meet your needs.

You’re special and there’s a lot you can do for the world, and more importantly, the people you love.

There’s a lot you can achieve, if you want to. Put your energy into those things. Trust that you obsessing about him won’t make him any less likely to stick around.

It’s who you are that makes him stick around. So what is your identity?

How would you describe yourself and the gifts you have to offer the world?

At the very least, make sure to find joy within yourself, as this joy rubs off on him and it will give him something to be nostalgic about later.

Moreover, it’s essential to stay true to yourself when trying to make him miss you because pretending to be someone else could have the opposite effect.

#4: Pursue Your Own Unique Passions

Similar but not the same as having your own identity outside of the relationship is having passions.

Something that lights you up.

Pursuing your unique passions can be a powerful way to make him miss you, as it shows that you have a life outside of him.

Engaging in new experiences and learning new skills can cultivate your inner passion and make you more interesting and attractive to him.

For example, joining a writing, dancing, acting or photography class can help you develop more dimensions to yourself and become more attractive to him.

To prioritize your passions, try carving out 15-20 minutes each day to focus on it.

This could involve reading, writing, or learning something new related to your interests.

To stay motivated, set mini goals for yourself and treat yourself when you hit certain milestones.

This way, you’ll not only make him miss you, but also grow as a person.

#5: Spend Time with Your Girlfriends (To Build Feminine Energy)

Spending time with your girlfriends is an excellent way to build feminine energy and make him miss you more.

After all, you cant spend time with predominantly men and expect to grow your feminine energy!

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You can express yourself to other women without worrying about a guy’s opinion as well as having fun, and just being yourself.

Plus, you can use social media to make him miss you by posting stories when you go out with friends, showing that you have a life independent of him and you don’t need his time and attention.

It makes him wonder about what fun you’ve been up to, who made you laugh and what mischief you and the girls get up to!

Having a good time without him can make him miss you, as it shows him that you have an independent, fun-loving, and outgoing personality.

You can also add to the mystery in your personality by not talking or texting him too much when you’re out with your friends having a good time.

This will create a sense of longing, making him miss you (and enjoy you!) even more.

#6: Build Emotional Connection

Building an emotional connection is crucial if you want him to miss you. This involves:

Kindness and appreciation are also essential to emotional connection, as these are proven to be desirable traits in a mate.

Without such kindness, he will have less attachment to you and be less inclined to miss you like crazy.

This will strengthen the bond between you and make him miss you even more.

Remember, a strong emotional connection is the foundation of any healthy and long-lasting relationship.

#7: Build Emotional Attraction Through High Value Banter

Building emotional attraction through high-value banter can be an effective way to make him miss you.

High-value banter involves having fun in conversation, teasing, and joking in a safe and playful atmosphere.

You can establish an emotional connection through flirty texts when you banter with each other.

The good news is that banter is something you can use for the rest of your life with a man. He will never (and I really mean never, get bored of you).

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Engaging in playful banter can create an irreplaceable connection and attachment to you.

It can also spark a guy’s interest and make him miss you when you’re not around.

It’s a great way to keep things exciting. Just be careful – it’s meant to be playful communication. Do not cross the line and hurt his feelings, as this can have the opposite effect.

#8: Use The Art of Flirting and Playfulness

Using the art of flirting and playfulness can make him miss you even more.

  • Tease him
  • Smile
  • Give a cheeky wink
  • Use push and pull communication in a playful, flirty way; and
  • Reminisce on the fun times you’ve shared together

This will create a sense of longing and desire, making him miss you like crazy.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to send him playful messages – when he’s not too busy.

By keeping him on his toes, you’ll ensure that he misses you and can’t wait to see you again.

#9: Cultivate A Sense of Feminine Mystery

Cultivating a sense of feminine mystery is another way to make him miss you. This involves:

  • Having an essence of natural feminine radiance
  • Being multi-faceted and high value
  • Leaving certain things unsaid
  • Honing intuition; and
  • Embracing your feminine energy.

For instance, not revealing everything about yourself, letting your natural unpredictability shine through, and having an air of mystery are all examples of feminine mystery.

By taking your time and letting him discover all of your amazing qualities bit by bit, you’ll create a sense of intrigue and desire, making him miss you even more.

Plus, having a sense of mystery will keep him interested and excited about the relationship.

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How to make him miss you

#10: Cherish His Masculine Soul

To make him miss you, cherish his masculine soul by appreciating him for who he is and acknowledging his efforts in life.

Show him that you:

  • Trust him
  • Have faith in his ability to make decisions; and
  • Respect his decisions and choices.

Believing in him, his abilities and not shooting down his dreams can also make him miss you.


Because it shows him your loyalty, and loyalty is rare.

Eventually, you can also pursue a goal together and be a team. Only if he’s worthy of your investment in this way, though.

By doing these things, you’ll not only make him miss you, but also strengthen your bond and grow as a couple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can playing hard to get make a man miss you?

Many people wonder if playing hard to get can make him miss you.

The answer is yes and no.

On the one hand, playing hard to get can stir up a feeling of longing and desire, making him miss you more.

But it won’t work if he’s not attached to you in the first place. He literally won’t care – beyond wondering why you’re so different now, or wondering why getting sex and attention out of you is harder now.

Thoughtful texting can also work wonders in making him miss you – and it’s a great alternative to just playing hard to get.

Sending him thoughtful messages when he’s not overly busy, asking about his day, or sharing funny jokes and memes can keep you on his mind throughout the day.

How to use social media to make a guy miss you?

Another popular question is how social media can help make a guy miss you, and if so, how to use it.

Posting updates or pictures of yourself on social media can show your fun and cool side, and give him a glimpse of what he’ll be missing out on if he’s not a part of your life.

Sharing photos with mutual friends or from your latest adventure can create a sense of longing, making him miss you even more.

How to make a guy miss you psychologically?

To make a guy miss you psychologically, focus on creating a strong emotional connection and attraction, as well as using the power of scent to invoke his memory.

It’s the emotional attraction that is key here (and you can do that with banter).

Also, make an effort to understand his unique mind and what he values in a relationship.

by understanding his unique mind you begin creating a sense of longing and desire in him, and you can make him miss you like crazy.

How long does it take a guy to realize he misses you?

How long it takes for a guy to realize he misses you varies from guy to guy and depends on factors such as:

  • The length of the relationship
  • The intensity of the relationship; and
  • His level of emotional attachment to you.

It could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for him to realize he misses you.

To make him realize he misses you, give him space and show interest in a balanced way. Engaging in activities that will make him think of you and miss you is also a great idea. Just remember, patience is key, and every person is different.

Does silence make a man miss you?

Silence can make a man miss you if you have a close bond and strong connection.

If he has started taking you for granted or lost interest in you after you chased him, the fear of losing you can create a sense of mystery and anticipation that can make him miss you.

However, keep in mind that silence works best when you already have a strong emotional connection.

If your relationship is on shaky ground, silence might not have the desired effect.

In such cases, focus on building a strong emotional bond first, and then let silence work its magic.

For more information on this, see my article: how to Pull Away to Make Him Want You: 4 Steps & 3 Mistakes.

How to make him miss you when he pulls away?

If your guy is pulling away, making him miss you might seem like a challenge. However, the key is to:

  • Give him that needed space
  • Focus on your passions; and
  • Do not chase him.

Use this time in which he’s pulling away to prioritize yourself, embrace your sense of identity, and pursue your passions.

Resist the urge to contact him constantly and instead, focus on having your own fun without him.

Remember, life is not just about him!

This ability to focus on other things that you have will create a sense of longing, making him miss you even more.

Remember, sometimes people pull away to gain perspective or deal with personal issues.

Giving him that space and not chasing him can actually bring him closer to you in the long run.

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The promise of this course is for you to learn the secret to showing up & staying as a high value woman when your man pulls away, so that he can come back to you with more interest, more desire & more appreciation for you.

Should I play hard to get to make him miss me?

Playing hard to get can help make him miss you, but it’s important to have intrinsic value to make him miss you even more.

Instead of focusing solely on playing hard to get, concentrate on being your best self, and showcasing your unique qualities.

Show him that you’re an amazing, independent woman who has a fulfilling life outside of the relationship.

Remember, it’s essential to strike the right balance between giving him space and showing interest.

While playing hard to get can create a sense of longing and desire, it’s crucial not to overdo it.

Focus on building a strong emotional connection and attraction, and let him miss you naturally.

How do you make him miss and want you more?

Making him miss and want you more can be achieved by creating some distance, taking things slow, being mysterious, and going on adventures together. By following these simple steps, you’ll be sure to have him missing you in no time!

How to make him crave you?

Make him crave for you by flirting, surprising him with sweet touches, complimenting him, remembering fond memories together, respecting his need for alone time, looking good and smelling great.

The little things can make all the difference and show him that you’re special and worth craving for!

How to make a guy miss you?

If you want to make a guy miss you, try out these 10 tips – from leaving things behind to taking things slow and having adventures together. Play your cards right and you’ll have him missing you in no time!

Leave things behind is a great way to make him miss you. Leave a piece of clothing or a trinket that reminds him of you. This will make him think of you when he sees it.

Taking it personally.


In this blog post, we’ve explored 10 proven strategies and techniques to make him miss you like crazy.

From understanding the psychology of missing someone and creating unforgettable memories together, to utilizing the power of scent and embracing your sense of identity outside of the relationship, these strategies can help you create an irresistible connection with your man.

We’ve also discussed the importance of pursuing your unique passions, spending time with your girlfriends to build feminine energy, and building emotional connection and attraction through high-value banter, flirting, and playfulness.

Cultivating a sense of feminine mystery and cherishing his masculine soul are also essential in making him miss you.

Remember, balance is key. Give him space and show interest without losing him. Be patient, and allow him to miss you naturally.

Focus on building a strong emotional connection and attraction, and let your unique qualities and passions shine through.

In the end, making him miss you is about being your best self, embracing your life, and creating an unforgettable connection.

So, go ahead and try these strategies, and watch as he misses you more than ever before!

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