7 Fail-Proof Tips To Get Him Interested Again Fast & 1 Mistake To Avoid!

How to get him interested again fast

How to get him interested again fast?

It’s pretty easy to get a man interested. The hardest part is actually getting him to commit.

But if all you want is his interest, then here are some fail-proof ways to accomplish that.

#1: Banter With Him.

…Specifically, engage in high value banter.

Why banter?

Because banter shows him that you are fun, you’re open to connecting, you have a good sense of humour, and you can keep the conversation alive.

In other words: banter accomplishes the sometimes difficult task of starting and maintaining conversation momentum.

This is especially important if you are looking to get him interested fast.

Not only will it show him that you have a great personality, but it will also be the most male-specific way to connect with him and capture his attention.

What do I mean by male-specific?

I mean it speaks the male language. Guys banter with each other all the time, and there’s a reason: banter is how guys show each other that they care.

Do some guys hate banter?

Yes, but these are always the guys who are insecurely attached or manipulative and toxic.

Emotionally healthy guys will respond to high value banter as it is engaging and hopeful to them.

So here’s an example of banter:

You: Do you know what I love about you?

Him: What?

You: nothing at all! (insert playful emoji here).

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#2: Flirt.

How to get him interested again fast?


It’s all about creating sexual tension without being too forward or desperate.

Flirting is about playing with the boundaries, teasing and making him think about things that he would normally not think about.

Flirting can be fun and playful, but it has to be done in a respectful way and in small doses.

Here are some examples of how to flirt in a tasteful way with a man to get him interested:

The first step to flirting is to be confident and relaxed.

If you are feeling anxious, it will come across in your body language and your words.

So, take a deep breath, stand up straight and smile. 

Another way to flirt is by using eye contact. Look him in the eyes and hold it for a second or two.

Another great way to start flirting is with a light touch.

Physical touch can be an effective way to communicate your feelings, even if it is a simple brush of the arm or hand.

Of course, you can also use playful banter to keep the conversation momentum and make sure your interactions are flirty and fun.

For help on that, here is How To Banter With Men To Build Attraction. 

#3: Compliment Him.

Some guys don’t like compliments, but if you know your man does, use them!

Compliments are a great way to show a man that you love and appreciate him.

They make him feel valued and, more importantly, they make him feel attractive.

When complimenting a man, make sure that it is genuine and sincere.

Here’s how to compliment a man in a way that is sincere:

Pick something you deeply appreciate about him and point it out, just once, and briefly.

It could be his biceps or his skills in a martial art.

It could be the way he fixes the kitchen sink. Whatever you appreciate about him, share it to him.

But beware: don’t over-do it, because that will really make you come across low value.

Just pick one thing and compliment him.

#4: Pull Away.

…But use this with caution.

I don’t mean pull away to make him chase you, rather I mean pull away to take some time to focus on something you’re passionate about.

Do something for yourself and your life outside of him, so that you don’t have to always be focusing just on him.

You can take the time off to build your feminine energy and take care of your body.

As hard as this is, you have to do it at some point, whether he becomes interested in you again or not.

So try to take some time off from attempting to get something out of him.

This will also give him space to miss you, which is invaluable for him and for you!

#5: Use Reverse Psychology.

…This will only work if he already cares about you to begin with.

Reverse psychology is simply getting him to do something by telling him to do the opposite.

For example, if you want him to make more of an effort in the relationship, try telling him that you don’t expect too much from him.

(Not in an accusatory way, but in a genuine way, a way that takes the pressure off him.)

This will make him curious and encourage him to want to prove you wrong.

It’s also a way to see how much he DOES want to please you and see you happy.

If he doesn’t care at all and begins to ignore you or provide you with nothing, then you know that there’s a much more serious problem at hand.

Namely, that he’s showing signs of not being able to commit.

In fact, it’s a good idea for you to find out how commitment-friendly he is. if he’s showing positive signs of commitment, then you’re free to have more hope.

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Here’s another example of how to use reverse psychology for how to get him interested again fast:

You can use reverse psychology by pretending you don’t need his attention or validation.

In other words, don’t care about his attention or validation.

Demonstrate that you are living a full life of your own and that you don’t need him to be happy.

If he already does care about you, there’s a chance that this will actually create a desire for him to prove his worth and make him interested again.

You can also use reverse psychology by responding to something he does in an unexpected way.

For example, if you’re feeling ignored and he does something small to show that he still cares, don’t immediately jump on it.

Instead, express how you don’t expect that level of effort from him.

This will make him think you still care but that you are not desperate.

#6: Experience Novelty Together.

If your relationship with him is at a place where you can still do things together, then organize a novel and fun activity.

This is an exciting way to reconnect and build excitement with each other.

It could be anything from a hike in the woods, to a spontaneous road trip, to a quick weekend getaway.

It could also just be rock climbing, caving or indoor skydiving together. It’s entirely up to you!

#7: Show Him That You’re Evolving.

How to get him interested again fast?

Show him that you are always evolving, learning and ready to bring new thoughts and ideas to him for conversation.

Demonstrate that you’re growing and progressing.

If you always have the same thoughts you had yesterday, last year, or last decade, then try to see things from other perspectives in order to broaden your mind and bring more to your relationship.

You can also take on new challenges and experiences.

Try learning something new, whether it be a language, a skill, or a hobby.

Take a class or join a club and make sure to tell him about your progress.

Show him that you are open to opportunities and are ready to try new things.

And now for the final, but arguably the most important aspect on how to get him interested again fast.

Avoid This ONE Damaging MISTAKE

…Showing up as a low value woman.

The reason this is the biggest mistake is that it is so common among women when they want to regain a man’s interest.

They fear losing his attention so much that they take steps out of fear, not out of care for the relationship.

And this fear is one of the many reasons why women resort to low value behaviors and desperation.

A couple of examples of low value behavior are:

1: Using sex to try to reel him in, when sex will never keep him long term and will just drain your soul of the deep love your feminine heart needs.

2: Lashing out at him. There’s little value in criticizm or lashing out, so don’t go to that.

If you can avoid this, you can give yourself the gift of the time and space to make more resourceful decisions and take more high value steps.

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Final Words

Try at least two of the above tips for how to get him interested again fast.

If you find that doing two of these things does not work at all, then try one more from the list.

If none of it works, then you really have to ask yourself whether it’s worth more of your effort.

If you’re emotionally attached to him and it’s hard to let go, I understand.

But at some point you’ll have to let go if he has already let go of you.

You can always think of him fondly. You can always love him from afar.

But just know that he is not right for you.

Someone else out there will be though!

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