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Political InQueery: Backlash Against the Sherrod Backlash

Shirley Sherrod on TVI was in San Francisco last April, having dinner with an old friend from college. His mother married, many years ago, a close business partner of Rupert Murdoch. This had been, back in our school days, the cause of many a sympathetic, slow shake of the head, because we liberal middle class kids felt badly that he was only two degrees of separation from a man we thought sucked in a big way. I asked him, not really remembering the Murdoch connection, how his mother was doing. He smiled and said she was fine, and then started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I asked. 

"Her husband was over at Fox News in New York last week and oh my God those people are so dumb. They're all running around, talking about needing to be conservative enough for Rupert, and guess what? Rupert doesn't care what the fuck they say on TV." 

He kept laughing through the rest of his sentence, something to the effect of Fox News is so right-wing because they think they're supposed to be right-wing, not because they really want to be.

And yet, the damage they do is devastating.
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