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Bitchin' Round-Up: Utne Reader, Globe and Mail, Salon, and The Washington Post Edition

Sometimes people like to mention Bitch in their newspapers, blogs, and magazines. Be this coverage good, bad, or indifferent, we round it up and put it in a nice little package for you. (Maybe it's just our egos talking, but we like to think you enjoy it.) Check out the Bitch news in this round-up, starting with the exciting announcement that...

Bitch has been nominated for an Utne Reader Independent Press Award! That's right; we were nominated for the "General Excellence" category, and the winner will be announced next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us! The folks at Utne also flash copies of Bitch around a few times in this video (do you think they're trying to tell us that we're lowbrow?):

Read on for more round-up!
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