post-traumatic stress disorder

In The Frame: Art Therapy

Art therapy has been used for years on patients who are dealing with trauma in all its forms, whether they are suffering from cancer, struggling to fit into a community that isolates women of a certain age or race, or rebuilding their lives following rape and domestic violence. A lot can be gained from this sort of psychological approach, as it allows patients to express themselves (which, in some cases, they have never done before). This therapy is not only a tool for coping, it's also a source of great and deeply personal art.

The Collapsible Woman

Article by Vanessa Veselka, appeared in issue Fighting Back - Sold out!; published in 1998; filed under Activism; tagged media, mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder, rape, recovery, sexual abuse, victimization.
Cultural response to rape and sexual abuse

the collapsible woman—one model of mental health for an uncountable number of individuals. She is too weak to hear debate, too soft to speak openly about her experience, and too fragile to expect much from. This definition doesn’t come close to accounting for the grit and character that can be found among us.

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