Where Have All the Riot Grrrls Gone? Pop Music and "Post-Feminism"

There was a pretty interesting article in yesterday's Houston Chronicle about some of today's female pop stars. The author, Steve Haruch, describes how candy pop acts like The Veronicas, Katy Perry, and Lady GaGa are consistently referred to as "post-feminist" by the media without there being much evidence for the claim (save for perhaps some glitter and a song about faux-lesianism).

I agree with Haruch; though I sometimes jam out to "Pokerface" I do not consider it a feminist anthem in any sense. And post-feminism? I don't buy it. What I do want to know is, are there any pop stars out there right now who are holding it down for feminism? Where have all the riot grrrls gone?

Show me the money, honey!


One of my tasks here at Bitch headquarters is to open the mail and keep an inventory of the books and CDs that are coming in for possible review. Today I arrived at the office, tired and doped up on DayQuil, needing a basket in which to place all of my angsty eggs and I found that basket in this week's *Most Ridiculous Book To Be Shipped To Bitch For Possible Review In Our Magazine*.

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