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A Brief History of "Women Aren't Funny"

a woman wearing a funny hat

As long as there have been jokes, there have been people saying that women can't tell them.

It can be tempting to dismiss recent "women aren't funny" firestorms as yet another by-product of our internet era, where we are instantly alerted the second that anyone—from Adam Carolla to some yahoo with a Reddit account—makes an inflammatory statement about anything.

But the claim that women aren't funny isn't just new to our times. Here I've compiled a brief, totally incomplete history of people publicly peddling this line bull. Though the idea that women aren't funny hasn't changed much, public reactions to it have steadily changed.

Douchebag Decree: New York Post

"ye olde douchebag decree" in blue letters with a light blue hand-drawn douchebag in the background, and "BITCH HEREBY DECLARES THE FOLLOWING PERSON A TOTAL DOUCHEBAG" in small letters in red underneath.

The New York Post likens the US stock market to "a hooker's drawers" with a "hooker" on its cover. Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch is back in town.

"Humor": The Ultimate Cop Out

By now, I've imagine that most folks have seen the controversial Sean Delonas cartoon from yesterday's New York Post. For those of you new to this story, the New York Post claims that comic is supposed to be a play on both the current economic situation and a reference to a woman who was attacked by a chimpanzee recently.

Read on for the cartoon and more discussion.


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