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The "Gawk Factor" Problem with American Horror Story: Freak Show

the cast of AHS Freak Show

We’re now two weeks and 2.5 hours into American Horror Story: Freak Show, which means we’ve experienced two anachronistic musical numbers and approximately 1,000 Twisty the Clown nightmares. It’s time to take stock of what exactly the hell is going on with the latest installment of Ryan Murphy’s creepy shockfest.

Just How Witch-Tastic is American Horror Story: Coven? A Point/Counterpoint

Three witches in American Horror Story: Coven

At the American Horror Story panel that was part of August's Television Critics' Association press tour, the show's executive producer talked of a "feminist theme" pervading the third season of the show. After a first season in which women were terrorized, murdered, stalked, raped, impregnated with devil babies, tortured by a killer abortionist, and imprisoned for life in a haunted mansion; and a second in which they dealt with most of that plus nuns and aliens, yeah, sure, bring on the feminism.
And indeed, American Horror Story: Coven indeed has a lot of potential to be more feminist than its predecessors.

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