Femenism and Pop Culture
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Feminism and Pop Culture - Signed


Whether or not we like to admit it, pop culture is a lens through which we alternately view and shape the world around us. When it comes to feminism, pop culture aids us in translating feminist philosophies, issues, and concepts into everyday language, making them relevant and relatable. In Feminism and Pop Culture, author and cofounder of Bitch magazine Andi Zeisler traces the impact of feminism on pop culture (and vice versa) from the 1940s to the present and beyond. With a comprehensive overview of the intertwining relationship between women and pop culture, this book is an ideal introduction to discussing feminism and daily life.

Bitch is pleased to announce that Feminism and Pop Culture stepped in at #33 on Ms. Readers' 100 Best Non-Fiction Books list!

**Author-signed copies available! Would you like a personal message and/or signature from Andi in your copy of Feminism and Pop Culture? Just let us know in the order comments!**