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Your Vagina Looks Too Much Like A Vagina

Vagina Monologues Illustration

Seattle Weekly reports that the Seattle Times refused to run an ad for a performance of The Vagina Monologues Feb 24th at The Museum of History and Industry, sponsored by The National Council of Jewish Women because the artwork looked too much like, well, a vagina.  Wait, let me get this straight...the Vagina Monologues is about...vaginas"The artwork was something we didn't feel was appropriate for our audience," says the Times' VP of advertising, Mei-Mei Chan."  The organization was asked to alter the artwork and they refused.  Sadly, due to the story, the NCJW has received threatening phone calls which will lead to heightened security at the event.

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I recently performed with a group of women in a production called The Vagina Memoirs, a kind of spin-off of The Vagina Monologues where we were given the opportunity to write our own stories. We encountered all sorts of problems when we tried to hang posters up in our liberal college town (Bellingham, Washington) and the poster did not have any artwork on them which even slightly resembled a vagina (only a picture of a journal propped open). Restaurants in town claimed to be "family establishments" and would not hang up the poster. Apparently it doesn't even need to look like a vagina to be offensive. It just has to acknowledge that they exist.

Ashley McAllister, Outreach Coordinator