Your 2013 Academy Awards Reading List!

Oscar logo reading "best male-directed film of the year"

This Sunday is the Academy Awards which, while increasingly tedious and irrelevant, still has a major impact on the kinds of movies that we're able to see in theaters. Let's at least hope no one tells an actress to eat a cheeseburger this time around. 

If you're tuning in to the broadcast, check out all our past coverage of Oscar-nominated films.

And big picture: Why don't more female directors get nominated for Oscars? It comes down to money, money, money. 

Mad about sexism at the OscarsSign our letter telling the Academy five things they need to change right now

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We've got to find a better term than "people of colour". Being one, I find it derogatory. We are all coloured.

Then, what do you suggest?

Because it seems that all the other words describing people who are not WASPY-white are derogatory. I guess WASPY-white is considered derogatory, too. .

I agree and tend to favor the

I agree and tend to favor the use of non-white.

not to be argumentative, but

not to be argumentative, but the term was originally coined by black women, so it certainly isn't meant to be derogatory.

Merit > Gender

This shouldn't come down to gender but to merit. Women in the past have been nominated. There's been a winner and all. More men direct than women.