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We're So Close—Help Push Bitch Over the Top!


That's how close we are to reaching our $30,000 match by midnight tonight—so we're reaching out to you one last time because it's our final chance to make sure that every single penny of the $30,000 challenge is matched. 

If you haven't yet had a chance to subscribe, renew, give the gift of Bitch, join the B-Hive, or make a tax-deductible donation that will be matched by the end of the day, please consider doing so as soon as you can. 

Subscriberenewjoin the B-Hive, or donate right away!

Don't forget—all three-year subscriptions (and renewals!) and B-Hive memberships of $10+ a month come with a FREE Adventures in Feministory mug. 

It's been an extraordinary month. Let's wrap things up the right way!

From the whole team here at Bitch, thank you for your support, 

- Julie

Julie Falk, Executive Director

Join the B-Hive! It's the best way to get a subscription to Bitch in print and digital, and support feminist media across all platforms!Your membership supports Bitch magazine as well as programs like Bitch on Campus, Popaganda, and all of our writers and illustrators at Plus, when you join at $10+ a month by midnight tonight, we'll send you a free Adventures in Feministory mug in addition to the benefits offered at your level!

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