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Welcome to B-sides!

B-sides is the blog about B-Word, the organization behind Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture and other soon-to-come cool projects (like this very website). Why the name B-sides? Well, who can forget many a good song that was on the B side of an album—a hidden gem that completely changed your world, for at least the evening, if not longer. And well, not to be too obvious but since this organization is about the B-word it seemed to make sense.

While I'm always thrilled to talk anyone's ear off about the goings-on around our organization, I also realize there's only so much to tell. So keep an eye out for other posts of random goodness—other organizations doing cool work, happenings around our hometown of Portland, and oh, say, a delicious recipe for vegetarian lasagna, or a new tap-dancing move I learned in class.

Our readers and supporters are our greatest resource and we love to hear from you, so please email me at amy(at) with tips, things you'd like to see posted here, or, you know, an awesome recipe you think the world should know about.

Ciao!- Amy

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