Viral Video Douchebag


Some days you wake up to the right light coming through the window, that good song with the hand claps and the trombone in your head, and you don't mind the slush at your feet or the hole (in the crotch) in your pants. Your coffee's good and things just seem like they're alright. And then you run into this….

And a sequel!

Jon Lejoie, on behalf of Bitch magazine, ye olde douchebag decree (French-Canadian edition) is bestowed upon thee.

After viewing more of Lejoie's videos, it's clear he's just another Youtube channeler who considers altering his facial hair roughly equivalent to method acting (and will no doubt appreciate this exposure—de rien). But is Jon Lejoie the biggest douchebag on Youtube? Definitely not (but I do shudder imagining Dane Cook mastering a six string). I feel even calling him out on being kinda an asshole gives him too much credit.

However (speaking of too much credit), I can't help pausing on the line "it's not sexist cause it's in a song…" Lejoie's "Show me your genitals," like Beardo, attempts to ridicule something stupid or offensive (I feel like he was commissioned to write the theme song for feminist blog trolls), but the parody is lost in the performer's lack of subtlety, as he ends up only rehashing and reinforcing the very bullshit he's attempting to mock. It doesn't matter if you're monotone or wearing lame shorts, when you're talkin' gendered genitals, successful humor requires a scalpel, not a spatula as far as sculpting the nuance behind it. And as long as I'm on the feminist metaphor train, Kate Rigg mentioned this very issue of comedians taking on offensive material in order to problematize it, saying in her Bitch interview, "When I load that gun I know how to pull the trigger so I don't hurt anybody, you know?"

But I gotta say Lejoie, it's a rough break that your video "Too Fast " came out just before Samberg and Taccone's. It always sucks when someone else masters what you thought was, you know, your thing (insert nonexistent hyperlink of me breaking Bush wiretap leak), but you just got schooled on how to cum your pants.

And hello, what's this…a new Flight of the Conchords episode?!

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What a complete and udder douchebag. We should all vow to never sleep with that guy. Seriously, like what are you offering this world?

on the fence

Maybe this is my own naivete, but I feel like this guy is so obvious and stupid that it doesn't seem real. I don't know whether this is just me, having learned to not let idiots bother me, or if this guy is being so stupid on purpose. It kinda seems [to me] to be more of a jab at hip-hop - the kind that is mindless and anti-woman ("superman that h-" [a la soulja boy tell'em]).

I get the metaphors, and I agree, but I still feel like this dude shouldn't even be a blip on the radar. Maybe cuz I feel like there's nothing I can do about the pure d. idiots.



2 wrongs...

As I listened to this Douchebag Award Winner I wasn't thinking about it in relation to hip hop, or even rap, but the connection is glaring now that Jen pointed it out. I hate the portrayal of women in many music venues, but these two really are over the top. I think the parody of rap and hip hop may have been a plan, but it's still not right.

The idea of taking something so degrading, and almost continuing it in this fashion is simply wrong...

Hence, 2 wrongs do not make a right....

They all need help...Or a Douchebag award....

I thought we agreed this word (douchebag) is offensive to women.

wow. I love Bitch magazine- but no wonder I've stayed away from this blog. it doesn't matter how one tries to make the word fit- it doesn't. why not use the word co-bag? "douchebag" just reinforces what the original point of the word is: women naturally smell bad (according to the jerks that came up with these products).

what next? the revitalization of the usage of "pussy" to demean someone?

Daryn Desautal echoed all of my thoughts about employing this word to describe a jerk. trying to say that because douching is bad for women it follows that it is appropriate to call someone a "douche" or "douchebag" (if we find them "unhealthy" to women) is quite the stretch. that's when it just looks like we're okaying the use of a word that denigrates women, specifically, to denigrate others.

maybe checking out some old Summer's Eve (and other brands) ads will help others understand why this particular "insult" is an insult to all women.

I think the "douchebag" slur

I think the "douchebag" slur works because of the negative connotations of the word "douche", especially within feminist circles. So, if we're anti-douche, we're anti-douchebags. Right?
But maybe the folks at Summer's Eve would take it as a compliment?