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The idea that feminists are hilarious isn't exactly news to most of us, but it's still fun to see new comedies that feature feminism (even if those comedies poke fun at, ahem, Bitch). Check out this video from the ladies of Vag Magazine (in real life they're the ladies of the Upright Citizens Brigade):

Vag Magazine Teaser 1 from Vag Magazine on Vimeo.

Tracy Clark-Flory of Salon describes the series this way:

The premise of the show, which premieres tonight during a live event at New York's Upright Citizen's Brigade, is that a bunch of "Bitch"-reading young urbanites buy a fashion magazine with their proceeds from selling reusable cloth menstrual pads on Etsy.

"'Bitch'-reading young urbanites"? Say what?!?!

Here's the second video from Vag:

Vag Magazine Teaser 2 from Vag Magazine on Vimeo.

OK, so this brand of feminists-are-humorless-let's-make-jokes-about-it comedy has been done before (see: Thunderant) but I still think these Vag videos are pretty funny. You could even say that I LMFAO'ed (laughed my FEMINIST ass off! Get it? Who are you calling humorless?). Now, that could just be because as an employee of Bitch Media who also happens to own a vintage sweater that has been adorned with anchors that I bought at a feminist craft fair, I could not be more represented here unless I actually appeared onscreen. Still, the stereotype that we feminists can't take a joke might be best fought with, well, jokes. Right?

What do you think? Funny? Not funny? (FYI, If you're in the first camp and you live in New York, you can see Vag performed live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.)

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Sounds like it could be

Sounds like it could be funny. The "feminist skirt" skit was pretty great. But what's all this about anchors?


I also thought the "feminist skirt" thing was funny - a pretty good example of making jokes about feminism that aren't totally misogynistic. However, this show would be way better if they actually had an episode guest-starring Kelsey.

the funniest.

I'm peeing my sailor suit with laughter over here, but then again I might just be playing my role of enthusiastic intern and "yes-girl".

not the pee!

No Lindsay, no!! Vintage is DRY CLEAN ONLY!!!

Oh my gods...

Yes! This is awesome. I love UCB. So. Much.

I'm honestly offended at how

I'm honestly offended at how bad this is. And this coming from the UCB? This is just depressing.

This was way too much like

This was way too much like that meeting in 1992 of the feminist collective at my college. All it needed was The Keeper instead of a reusable pad!

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I loved my moon cup well

I loved my moon cup well before i identified as feminist. It's soooo much more comfortable and convenient than the alternatives.
AND I use cloth pads - again, much more comfortable than plastic liners, and yay for being environmentally friendly.

i don't really find the vids funny, probs because my (mainly online) experience of feminism hasn't been anything like that, so i don't really get it. Maybe they're cleverer than they seem when they're in context?

Vag Magazine

Love it!


Has anyone seen transcripts of these episodes or teasers? I've searched and can find none.

I guess providing access for PWD would be all laughably intersectional and third-wave and stuff.

Good question!

Good question, lauredhel. If anyone knows of transcripts, will they please post a link? I'll look around and see if I can find any.

Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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