Two Internship Openings at Bitch - Spread the Word!

We've got two great internships opening up soon at our Portland office and would LOVE it if you could help us spread the word! We're accepting applications for both internships through August 1st, and will be doing interviews on a rolling basis starting at the end of July.

Publishing Internship: The Publishing Intern works with our Finance and Technology Director and other staff on the nuts and bolts of running a nonprofit media organization. The intern gains in-depth knowledge of independent media operations, nonprofit business management, as well as valuable computer and financial administration skills. People with an interest in non-profit and media management and who love working with numbers should apply!

New Media Internship: The New Media internship is a great way to plunge headfirst into feminism and web 2.0. The intern will help web staff maintain and update the Bitch website and social networks, as well as help contribute content to the blog, newsletter, and podcasts, gaining excellent skills as a writer and learning more about the rapidly changing world of new media and online publishing.

We are committed to an inclusive and diverse organization and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply!

If you or a friend might be interested in one of these, check out the detailed internship descriptions on our  website.


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I wish I lived in Portland...

I wish I lived in Portland...


Me too. Now a lot more so.

You guys don't happen to

You guys don't happen to have a New York office, do you?

New York

Hi L.,

Nope, unfortunately our only office is in Portland. Maybe someday though!

Kelsey Wallace, Web Editor

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Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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