Travelling Saleswoman

Folks Good Morning! Today marks my introductory blog post for Bitch, a publication I have such admiration and appreciation for, it has taken me several months to settle on what I might write about that would be worthy of the association. I decided to discuss my travels and travails as a touring musician, with a focus on the women's advocacy work with which I am involved. There will also be time for stories. An example: one time before a show in Shreveport, LA. a man at the bar asked me if I would go to a motel with him and "that hooker lookin' lady over there" and smoke a doobie and have a threesome because she liked Asian people. COMPLETELY UNRELATED: I am so pleased to announce the debut of our music video directed by Dianna Agron (Quinn of Glee). We gave the exclusive premiere to Oxfam America in hopes we might draw more attention to their work overcoming poverty and social injustice. Right now they are working on promoting a climate change bill that supports the world's poorest and most vulnerable in adapting to and surviving the effects of climate change. I am a Sisters on the Planet ambassador–an offshoot campaign that recognizes that poor women in particular bear the brunt of the devastation of climate change and the effects make it nearly impossible for them to provide for their families, as they are the world's primary food growers and heads of household. We are calling for U.S. funding to support these women in climate change adaptation and policy empowerment. We recognize that any next step in adaptation will require their experience and expertise. Please visit the site and watch the video (embedded below, but seriously, still visit the site) if you are so inclined. Dianna Agron is fantastic and we filmed it on Valentine's day on her bed. which is varying degrees of appropriate because the song is NOT about love but it IS about sex. Thank you for your time. I will be back soon. thao

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Congrats, Thao!

What a welcome surprise to see you writing for Bitch! I admire the work you're doing and of course love the video and the song. The closeness between you and Dianna is evident and lovely to see.

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