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Totally Syked

I'm sure that pun's been done, but Wanda Sykes is slotted to have her own late night show on Saturdays on Fox! According to the New York Times, Sykes' show may replace the wasn't-canceled-soon-enough MAD TV. I'm not a big late-night TV fan--I just can't handle watching Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig "WTF? (Why's This Funny?)" Ferguson, and especially the terrible terribleness of MAD TV, but this is getting me excited about SNL alternatives, especially since the NY Times reports it will feature panels and discussion of current events, which, given that it's Wanda, will hopefully mean something a bit smarter than the rest of late night drivel (miss you, Conan!) and a whole lot funnier than PBS. Wanda would be joining the ranks of Ellen DeGeneres and Rosie O'Donnell as an openly gay woman hosting their own shows, and I'm pretty sure she would be the only female late-night host as well (and on a major network), but correct me if I'm wrong.* (*stands corrected, see comment below...)

Anyway, to get you excited too, here's Wanda on Leno's show discussing the recent Wall Street bailout, and although Feministing posted this a while ago, it's just too good....Detachable Vagina.

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I'm crossing my fingers for

I'm crossing my fingers for this. Even though it's on network TV, I'm inclined to think that Wanda will still maintain her edge.

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"I'm pretty sure she would

"I'm pretty sure she would be the only female late-night host as well (and on a major network), but correct me if I'm wrong."

-Chelsea Handler does her late-night talk show, Chelsea Lately, on E.

yes ... to clarify further ...

E! is a cable network and FOX is a major network that can also be carried over air/HD waves. By the time Sykes' show premieres, it will be carried over HD waves, as well as cable.