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Tiny Fey does a frighteningly good Sarah Palin

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Oops, that's the wrong clip!

Oops, that's the wrong clip!


the strangest thing -- i keep embedding the code, then it works, then 5 minutes later it changes to another video. working now?

Not yet! But I can't wait

Not yet! But I can't wait to see the clip... I figured it was only a matter of time before Tina Fey did a Sarah Palin impression. I've been waiting for this since the candidacy was announced!

It's working! Awesome.

It's working!

Awesome. Thank you!

Anyway ...

... I watched it last night and it was indeed frighteningly good!

Don't forget Sarah Haskins' take on her ...

and Samantha Bee's search for a certain word that should never be forgotten, ever.

when i first saw palin i

when i first saw palin i thought they may have chosen her just because she looked like tina fey.

Alaska Women Reject Sarah Palin rally

Amazing turnout this past Saturday...not all Alaskans, especially women, love Sarah! Pics here:

tina fey did such a good job

tina fey did such a good job that i hated her for a second! then i pulled up that picture of her with a typewriter and it was all good.

This video was a very

This video was a very welcome surprise! But I really enjoyed what Chris Rock said about Sarah Palin: "She's done three interviews, and she's running for vice president of the United States?" Well, this video was the fourth, that's enough to become a vice-president ;)