There are no words

I don't know whether to thank my friend Elise for bringing this to my attention, or gently curse her:

High heels. For babies. That is all.

Also, when Fox News's Megyn Kelly starts sounding hard-hitting and feminist, the apocalypse is clearly nigh.

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this is just creepy. both

this is just creepy. both that these women lack such awareness of the underlying meaning behind their product and the concept itself. wow.

Never thought I'd agree with

Never thought I'd agree with someone who works for Fox News.

On the upside at least my

On the upside at least my abnormally small feet have more heel choices now.


...the best part is when the creators didn't even know how to respond to a question about sexualization...

And then passes it off as a "harmless" gift for little girls: her first of many pairs of over-priced, foot-destroying shoes! Fantastic.

My jaw dropped ...

...upon seeing/hearing Megyn Kelly sounding hard-hitting and feminist. However, It doesn't change my stubborn opinions of "Feaux News." As for those shoe creators ... someone send 'em some copies of BITCH, quick!!