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The Midwest Teen Sex Show's Big Break!

If you haven't checked out the Midwest Teen Sex Show yet, it's not too late. When it comes to frank yet funny sex talk, this video cast is so good it almost makes me wish I was a clueless, awkward teen again (say it with me now, "♪ Allllllll-most! ♪").

Created by Guy Clark and Nikol Hasler (friends since high school), the show (now in its second year) doesn't pretend to be the be-all end-all of sex education ("We like to call it sex information"), but is an alternative to abstinence-only education ("Teens and sex. It happens."), parents' birds-and-the-bees talk, misinformed locker room banter, and even the snarktastic Savage Love (it's not as mean). Susie Bright called it her "newly-discovered favorite TV show of all time," and even had her teen daughter interview Nikol in 2007.

Oh yeah--it's HILARIOUS. Produced with just a small cast (and smaller budget, I'm sure), it's packed with a perfect balance of info and humor ("Condoms may seem costly, but they're less expensive than a lifetime with AIDS"), so that even if you're left without a full understanding of say, what anal sex is, or what losing your virginity will be like, you'll at least feel more comfortable talking about it.

In other excellent news, MTSS is planning on producing a pilot to share with Comedy Central this summer. Fear not, they're not selling out. From their website, Director Guy Clark writes,

We want to assure you that we are keeping the style of the show the same. It was the style of the show that Comedy Central first noticed, and they want us to keep making it from the finest ingredients. The difference is that now those ingredients will not be bought from a guy on the street corner wearing a trench coat.

With over 25 episodes streaming free online, you'll have a hard time pulling yourself away...and picking a favorite. I mean there's "Vaginas" ("America's True Heroes!"), "Birth Control" (featuring one of Nikol's kids spouting, "That's what she said"), the noir-themed "Orgasms".... ooh but then there's the Door County Fornication License officer in "The First Time"!!

Subscribe to the Midwest Teen Sex Show video feed at their website (they'll love you for it) and keep an eye out for them on Comedy Central!

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OH MY. Thanks for sharing

OH MY. Thanks for sharing this! Hysterical.

Take note: Opinions expressed are those of their respective authors, not necessarily those of Bitch. Dig?

I am so glad a wider audience might get to see this!

Suffice it to say, the abstinence-only education advocates and other right-wing prudes will probably cry afoul over it. They deserve to. This web show is an excellent example of how sex education should be taught in schools. ;-)


Um, this is effing HILARIOUS. Thank you!!

Frankly speaking, this

Frankly speaking, this episode is my favorite from all I've seen in this show. The parodies with Labia and Clitoris are hysterical! It seems to me this show has a great potential to educate teens, especially those who haven't received a comprehensive sexual education at school or in their families. It really promotes interest and helpful discussions not about "birds and the bees", but real issues.

Wow! I watched two episodes

Wow! I watched two episodes of this amazing show. The first was about oral and the second was about anal sex. And I have to admit that if I saw the stuff like this when I was a teen, most likely I would have screamed and blushed and definitely ran out of the room :D. But I'm sure children today are cooler than me. So, I appreciate and agree with this show! I's hilarious without nudity. Didn't think it was possible.