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Feminist Intersection: Thanks Hillary - but no thanks about the war and military part

Hillary Clinton has recently made waves in Canada with a few of her statements regarding maternal child health and the lack of Inuit inclusion in the recent multi-country "discussions" on arctic sovereignty.


These are both particularly sore spots for me - one being that the current government in Canada has itself in a tizzy deciding whether or not contraception and abortion should be part of Canada's all of a sudden, magical "important stance" on maternal child health in the upcoming G8 summit (and for those of you who know anything about the Conservative government and party in Canada know that for the most part they don't really give a shit about vaginas).

Hillary said that maternal child health SHOULD include contraception and abortion. So thank you Hillary for that.

The other sore spot for me is all of these countries panicking that they don't have clear control over arctic lands and water since they are running out of stealing resources in other parts of the world - and wouldn't you know their recent talks about the north had NO Inuit representation (whose traditional land it is).

Hillary said that there should have been Inuit there. So thank you again Hillary for that.

But while she was in Canada she did interviews on The Hour and elsewhere talking about "fighting terrorists" and how Canada's 2500 troops should remain in Afghanistan after their commitment to pulling out in 2011, among other pro-military highlights and ignorant commentary about women in Islam (it was the usual Western feminist hierarchy rhetoric of women are all second class citizens in Muslim faith-practicing countries, making them inferior, of course the West has no responsibility for this reality, etc, etc.)

Now Hillary and I parted some ways during the 2008 election - well, heck, let me be honest, it was sometime before that. And this ain't news to me with her military and confused pro-woman stances on Islam.

However this is a special note to all the womanists and feminists in Canada who were like, "Yea, you go Hillary!" solely based on her abortion rights and contraception access statements with no critique or intersection of these other comments. Why are her other comments being ignored or not being talked about at the same time? True maternal child health includes ALL women, and we don't always have it right in the West for the bijillioneth time.

Oh and last time I checked, war is in fact bad for our health.

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I think its unrealistic and

I think its unrealistic and arrogant to expect that Clinton (or anyone) is going to share all of our values one hundred percent of the time. Granted it's disrespectful for her to use women in Muslim countries as a selling point on the war, but otherwise her views on Afghanistan are her own. I applaud her advocacy of women's health and Inuit representation, and otherwise I'll just agree to disagree.