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TGIF: Meow That's What I Call Music!

If you're a diehard Smart Girls at the Party fan, please join me in being jazzed about the new show on the Smart Girls channel, Meow Meow Music. Like Smart Girls, Meow Meow Music features interviews with young people doing great things, but based on the first episode, which went up yesterday, it looks like Meow Meow Music will showcase musicians of all genders. Also, there are cats!

screen shot from the first episode of Amy Miles and a drawing of her cat, Leroy
Amy Miles and a cartoon Leroy

Hosted by Smart Girl at the Party Amy Miles and her tuxedo cat Leroy, the show's motto is that "music is a secret shared, and cats are unknowable." It's a little wackier than its predecessor—in the way Smart Girls is inspired by Inside the Actor's Studio, Meow Meow Music appears to be inspired by Pee Wee's Playhouse (see: aforementioned cat cohost)—but it's short, sweet, and fun for all ages. The first episode includes an interview with 16-year-old Jack Skuller (as well as a super charming intro with Questlove and appearances by Amy Poehler and Fred Armisen). Check it out!

I'm not sure how regularly Meow Meow Music will air, but the show's Twitter feed promises "a colorful cat-themed music show with special guests & surprises." Meow we're talking!

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