You say "teabag," I LMFAO

By now you might have heard of the Republican protest referencing the Boston Tea Party of 1773 by using tea bag iconography to protest federal tax spending, complete with Tax Day protests occurring around the country. When Wonkette caught wind of the new campaign, they said "The bit about the tea bags, though — that is just not good television." They forgot about Rachel Maddow:

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Maybe it's cause we're on the West Coast, and it takes a good three hours for us to catch up to ANYTHING in New York, but no Gawker, the joke's not old yet. Tomorrow maybe, but today we can relish in conservative ignorance at its most laughable, and wait for those sweet, sweet, tax returns...

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Can't Stop

I can't stop laughing. I have been laughing non-stop since I heard about all of those white conservatives getting their teabag on. Suddenly EVERYTHING sounds like a Daily Show segment.

Thank you...

....for the Great Tea Bag Craze of 2009. It has brought endless joy and laughter to me as I spend my days on the computer with the disheartening and depressing task of looking for a job. Thanks Republicans!


is the greatest.

I was at a tea party!

As a young mother of two, I've been disappointed over our politicians spending money we don't have, indebting ourselves to foreign countries, and passing legislation they don't read. I'm a traditional, vegetarian feminist who does not party-line vote and don't fit into any denomination, political or otherwise. But I live on a budget, within my means, and expect our govt. to do the same.

I'm very disheartened that so many liberal groups have chosen to simply ridicule people like me that attended this event. I proudly held a sign that says, "It's the spending, stupid" and that was the general sentiment. They did not allow any politicians, R or D, to speak because they're the ones who've put us into this debt for the past 8 yrs and have yet to take any responsibility. We know that eventually, everyone will have to pay higher taxes to pay for the money we're simply printing and we're calling it out for what it is - unfair and irresponsible. My state just proposed a higher sales tax which would apply to everyone, not just the rich.

I completely understand people who are frustrated by the lack of outrage by Bush's spending, and don't feel sorry for the rich who just saw their taxes go up. But this protest was made up of small business owners, vets, students, seniors - the whole gamut. I think over 250,000 protesters, who took time off work in the middle of the week, deserve at least a little thoughtful debate rather than moronic humor or simply ignoring that a substantial protest occurred. I'm sure there were a few crazies among the crowd (as is the case with any ideological protest), but I'm a very educated, normal, productive citizen who reads Bitch blog religiously and am now wondering if I'm even welcome here. Or do I have to be liberal on every issue to be tolerated or taken seriously by progressive feminists?

Don't worry.

It's your choice what you do and do not want to be liberal about I hope other people realize this too. I just clicked for the "teabag", unfortunately. :)

As a longtime reader of Bitch ...

... I have seen a letter or two of praise in the magazine by conservative-leaning readers opining that they, too, feel left out of the pop culture debate and can actually feel "included" by reading Bitch, even if they disagree with some of the progressive/liberal viewpoints expressed there. While I disagree with some religious-right tactics of imposing their "my way or you're going to hell" propaganda dogma on the masses, not to mention I find Bill O'Reilly's "bullying" interview tactics imposed upon some of his show guests (Including a recent one with Feministing contributor and author Courtney Martin), beyond appalling, I think that there are some liberal/progressive supporters that are basically no different from them. You cannot advocate for social change by shoving your ego-centric "my way or no way" propaganda agenda down someone else's throat. It does not work like that.

Free speech is not always about your viewpoint. It is about ALL viewpoints, no matter how offensive, disgusting, or imbecelic you find some of them to be.

I consider myself a progressive in every way, but I would prefer to spearhead discussion rather than mudsling. Arguments almost never solve anything for the long term. Tragedy gives everyone a bad name and stifles progress.

While there were some enthusiastic Obama supporters celebrating his victory commenting on previous blogs here, there was never an official endorsement of any presidential candidate. There were some posts mentioning that Cynthia McKinney was a Presidential candidate of historic notice, too (because the mainstream media was ignoring her), but they did not sound like endorsements. The merits and media portrayals of Sarah Palin provided endless fodder for discussion ... including Tina Fey's satirical portrayals of her.

I feel that readers from time to time should be reminded that many kinds of viewpoints must be welcome, and discussions among them encouraged. The liberal/progressive/pro-choice/pro-gay marraige/pro-size acceptance viewpoints are not the only viewponts of feminists, and not all feminists even agree on them. For the record, there are many of my like-minded, liberal/progressives that do not consider themselves feminists. Those people I, as a proud feminist, especially want to talk to. Want change? Engage ... here, there, and everywhere!

errr still laughing...

and the words "tea bag" aren't even mentioned!

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