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Talking with Annie Murphy about Gay Genius

Annie Murphy, a white woman with short, bleached hair reclines on a bed with a drawing board, smiling

What alternative? Whose underground? We feel that queer comics artists/comics artists of color (and cartoonists of other marginalized groups) have always been relegated to the underground of the underground. This just won't do! This is where Gay Genius comes in.

This excerpt from the "manifesto" on Gay Genius's 2010 Kickstarter campaign sums up a lot of the impetus behind this new comics anthology out from Sparkplug Comics. With eighteen contributors whose storytelling is as unique as their artistic style, Gay Genius is not just a much-needed volume celebrating the work of queer artists, but it's a must-have for contemporary comics lovers as well. I spoke with the book's editor, Annie Murphy, who won the Xeric Prize in 2008 for her book I Still Live, about what it was like putting the book together, why such a book is needed, and what really constitutes a genius.

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