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Subscribe to Bitch and win!

We're thrilled that we're moving towards our goal of 600 subscriptions by February 1st. But we're not there yet. Help keep Bitch Media strong by subscribing today, and get the "Old Issue" (preview the cover here!) at the "old" price of just $19.95.

And speaking of $19.95, we'd like to quote the late, great Billy Mays: "That's not all!"

If you subscribe/renew now you'll be eligible to win a fabulous Bitch prize pack, complete with a chance to make your own BitchTapes mix for the website AND a snazzy Bitch tote bag! So what are you waiting for?

Subscribe! Renew! Give a gift subscription! Do it online or dial 1-877-21-BITCH today. And please do it by February 1, so you can help us reach our goal of 600 new subscribers. Then cut a piece of celebratory pie for doing your part to keep independent-feminist media strong.

Love what you're reading here? Then you'll love Bitch magazine. The reviews are snappy, the analysis in-depth, the writers are downright sharp, and the illustrations so often belong in a frame that you'll have to move over other artwork.

If you don't have a subscription to our award-winning 80-page quarterly magazine, it's definitely time to start one.


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