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Submit to Make/Shift

If you haven't checked out Make/Shift magazine yet, I highly recommend it. 

From their mission statement: 

Make/shift magazine creates and documents contemporary feminist culture and action by publishing journalism, critical analysis, and visual and text art. Made by an editorial collective committed to antiracist, transnational, and queer perspectives, make/shift embraces the multiple and shifting identities of feminist communities. We know there's exciting work being done in various spaces and forms by people seriously and playfully resisting and creating alternatives to systematic oppression. Make/shift exists to represent, participate in, critique, provoke, and inspire more of that good work.

They're looking for submissions for issue #5, including: 

  • investigative journalism
  • photojournalism
  • critical essays
  • personal essays
  • profiles of feminist activists, artists, projects, and thinkers
  • fiction and poetry
  • art and photography
  • book, maga/zine, film, art, and event reviews
  • hybrid pieces

They're also seeking content for the following regular make/shift features: 

  • Everyday Actions: scenes of feminist action in everyday life (200 to 400 words; theme TBA)
  • Documents: documents of feminist discourse in progress (doodle-covered meeting minutes, e-mail exchanges, and the like)
  • Make/Plans: listings for our international calendar of upcoming events (submit info for events occurring between March and September 2009)
  • Participate: listings for our community bulletin board (calls for submissions, invitations to participate in community projects, and the like)

Make/shift pays $.02/word plus two copies. Send pitches or full-draft submissions to [email protected]. Please submit no more than three poems or two pieces of prose at a time. Feel free to pitch multiple ideas at once.

Pitches and submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, but priority for Issue 5 will be given to those received by September 1.

Love what you're reading here? Then you'll love Bitch magazine. The reviews are snappy, the analysis in-depth, the writers are downright sharp, and the illustrations so often belong in a frame that you'll have to move over other artwork.

If you don't have a subscription to our award-winning 80-page quarterly magazine, it's definitely time to start one.


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