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Style my Bitch up: The merch poll you've been waiting for!

So you've seen our amazing Bitch tote bags (and hopefully you've bought at least one by now). But why stop there? Take this handy poll and let us know what other Bitch merch you'd like to see. You can vote for as many as you want, but please limit your selections to things you might actually buy. If you have an idea that's not on the poll, make sure to leave it in the comments section. Thanks! With your input, we can all be the most stylish Bitches around.

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How about a Bitch Blanket?

bitch merch

A snuggly fleece Bitch blanket/throw--yes!


Tote bags are cool and all but I'd love a messenger bag.

I second the messenger bag

I second the messenger bag idea.

Something for the next kitchen party

I would like a bitch apron or commemorative plates.

Thirding it

I 'third' the messenger bag idea - I would dig a Bitchin' messenger bag... one with lots of pockets. Lots and lots of pockets.

Oh! And a beanie-style hat, one that would scream 'I read Bitch' to the world.

This is coming from a crazy dog lady, but....

doggeh tee's!

And I second the apron idea, as well.

what, no fanny packs?

i'm disappointed.

For the most part ...

... I'm cool with new merchandise as long as American Apparel isn't making them. Anyone remember the last time Bitch sold merchandise? American Apparel made it, then their sexual harassment scandal broke ...

I definitely agree, a

I definitely agree, a messenger bag would be awesome!!


I gotta say, I would get me some Bitch Briefs. :)

Bags & Sticks

I'm all for the messenger bag too! \o/

Not sure what kind of stickers are meant in the list, but I'd like to see bumper stickers in particular.

bitch merch

Love the tote, but how about an apron? Also love the gym bag idea . . .