Shooting cunts?


Um, have you seen this one? It's a video game called Cunt.  

The object?  Kill bosses while avoiding things that might hurt you. 

Sounds harmless enough (well, in the world of video games at least)

The tips?  

"Shaking the mouse will get bugs off your balls" 

"Taking drugs will make you appear cool to others" 

"Shooting vaginal opening will cause cunt damage"  

Thanks to Erica, who found the news here


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the "vaginas" are monsters

the "vaginas" are monsters and must be destroyed, according to the game.

chrissy the super-cunt

We all know how sensitive penises can be

The main problem with this is that the weapon is a penis and the target is a vagina. If there was another version with the penis as a target (and we all know how sensitive penises can be!), then it might actually work. Of course, no dude is going to create a game in which a penis gets pummled repeatedly, are they? At least not unless they are Jackasses:

(Sorry. I had to.)

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