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Read This: Fifty Shades of Roiphe

the cover of In Praise of Messy Lives, which is tan with orange and blue serif letteringOur very own Andi Zeisler reviewed Katie Roiphe's new essay collection In Praise of Messy Lives for the Los Angeles Review of Books. As Andi puts it, "Spoiler alert: It annoyed me." Andi's review, however, is the opposite of annoying. You should read it!

An excerpt:

The ranks of Roiphe's non-fans who nevertheless continue reading her work (raises hand) will likely continue to swell with her new book. In Praise of Messy Lives underscores that, though a nimble writer, she simply hasn't bothered to expand her perspective much beyond herself and her immediate circle of similarly employed, respectably moneyed, self-consciously bohemian friends and colleagues. The same self-certainty that drove her, almost 20 years ago, to issue a blanket dismissal of the shockingly high incidence of rape on college campuses now compels her to look at a range of mostly unrelated topics—travel, literature, betrayal, Internet culture—from a vantage point that never extends beyond her own shadow.

Read on for more.

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Super satisfying to read (the

Super satisfying to read (the review). Loved it.