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Read My Bitch: Brittany Shoot reads "The Ambition Condition"

Episode number two of Read My Bitch is ready to be consumed for your listening pleasure. Read My Bitch is the podcast that features Bitch magazine readers reading out loud an article from the Bitch archives and then talking about why it's meaningful to them. For this episode, Bitch reader and contributor Brittany Shoot reads Anna Clark's "The Ambition Condition: Women, writing, and the issue of success," from Issue 41 (Loud) from the Fall of 2008.

Stream the article, and our conversation afterwards, below. (Read the article here, interview transcript here.) You can subscribe to all Bitch Media podcasts through our blog RSS or via iTunes, or download the file from

You can read Brittany's work in Bitch as well as her own site. Her guest blog, The Biotic Woman ran on the Bitch blogs earlier this year and covered eco-feminism. If you'd like to be featured on Read My Bitch, send me an email at online {at}, telling me which article you'd like to read and discuss and why. This podcast may require experience or access to digital recording, but all queries are welcome!

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