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Read Feminism FOR REAL with Canonball

Cover of Feminism FOR REAL: Deconstructing the academic industrial complex of feminism edited by Jessica Yee. The cover is bright red and shows a naked woman's torso, with her arms folded across her chest.Canonball, a feminist blog that discusses, critiques, and honors the works of female writers, is going to be hosting a discussion about Feminism FOR REAL during the last week of June.

In addition to hosting the discussion, Canonball is inviting readers to participate in creating posts about this groundbreaking anthology that critiques "capital-F" feminism. Here's what they say on their post about the upcoming book club:

We'd love for the conversation to be as large and vibrant as possible, which means that we'd love for you to read along with us — and write a post responding to or inspired by the book. We're looking for posts that are dynamic — with video, pictures or audio, for example — and that are accessible.

They're accepting pitches for blog posts through Friday, June 17th.

If you've yet to get your hands on a copy of this very important book, you're in luck cause they're still for sale at BitchMart! Buy your copy today!

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