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$pread is 3!

On the bus to work today, I read the new issue of $pread magazine. For those not familiar, $pread's mission is to build community and destigmatize sex work by providing a forum for people working in the industry. They publish interviews, feature articles, reviews, news, and personal stories of sex workers from all perspectives.

I couldn't wait to tell my co-workers about this issue's story of an Australian Santa supply firm that prevented their Santas from using the phrase "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Apparently they were concerned that women would be offended and children "scared," so instead, they were instructed to bust out a "Ha! Ha! Ha!" As the story went, the Santas rebelled, and the ban was overturned.

But when I arrived at work, I discovered that the rebellious Santa story wasn't exactly true. The Santa supply firm did train their Santas to incorporate the phrase 'Ha! Ha! Ha!" into their work, but only so they could adapt to wee ones who might be frightened by a booming "HO! HO! HO!"

Anyway, no matter your opinion on sex work or Santas, $pread is worth supporting. Congratulations to the tireless volunteer crew behind $pread on their third birthday. It's an impressive accomplishment in today's media climate!


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