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Popaganda Episode: Intersections

Quote from Jamilah King: As a culture we learn through storytelling.

In this historic week of Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality and the Voting Rights Act, we're thinking a lot about intersections. More than ever, it's clear that making America a more equal union means defending the civil rights of everyone—not benefitting one group of people over another.

This week's Popaganda focuses on those areas of overlapping identity, digging into the framing of race in media with Senior Editor Jamilah King, talking with transgender ice hockey player Michah Barritt about gender dynamics in athletics, discussing the link between feminsm and biking with author Elly Blue, and exploring the political need for linking immigrant rights and LGBT rights with Basic Rights Oregon racial justice organizer John Joo. 

All in just 30 minutes! Listen in. 


Popaganda: Intersections by Bitch Media on Mixcloud

This episode is sponsored by She Bop, a feminist sex toy boutique. 

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A trasncript of this show will be posted later this week.


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How can I download this?

How can I download this?