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Why do images have such power? In this episode, comics collective Ladydrawers, Australian felt-tip-marker artist TextaQueen, and colorism researcher Jyoti Gupta all delve into the big issues of how visual media shapes how we see ourselves. Plus, two Bitch staffers talk with Equity Foundation Executive Director Karol Collymore about images that shaped us growing up, from fashion magazines to drawings of Ramona Quimby. 

All in just 30 minutes! Tune in!

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A trasncript of this show will be posted later this week.


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Are podcasts not downloadable anymore? I used to like sticking them on my mp3 player so I could listen whilst walking to work!

yes, you can!

You can download the podcast from this site:

I'll add that link to the post, thanks for the heads up that you listen to this podcast this way!

Bitch Media Online Editor

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Fab, thanks for this!

Fab, thanks for this! Sometimes it's nice not to be tethered to a laptop : )