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Popaganda Episode: Fall TV

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Are you having a lot of feelings about Breaking Bad, Scandal, Parks & Recreation, or New Girl? Join the club. This episode discusses those four shows in-depth (including a special guest appearance by Portland's real-life Leslie Knope!), plus highlights from other fall TV we're excited about.

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Portrait of Leslie Knope by Hey Monster.

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Breaking Bad/Parks and Rec

I really did enjoy the discussion on the podcast concerning Breaking Bad, the anti-hero, and Sklyar hate; I, too, gave up the show a few episodes in, but the gender dynamics and other similar issues of it continue to interest me. Thanks for your intelligent and entertaining discussion on that respect! However, I was a little disappointed by the discussion of Parks and Rec, which seemed to devolve pretty quickly into a "what/who do you love about the show." This show presents a great opportunity for positive discussion of gender roles, powerful female characters, and gendered social backlash (all of which is approached and spoofed on the show). There was an organic opening for that conversation to arise when you began to speak about Anne's narrative, but the discussion moved away from it, sadly. I just wish you had applied the same kind of insight and analysis to your discussion of Leslie Knope as you had to Skyler, Jess from New Girl, etc.