Penis Piñatas and Beyonce's Feminism: Check Out the Great Writing from Our New Issue

A portrait of Beyonce

If you subscribe to Bitch magazine, your copy should be in your mailbox or swiftly making its way there. For everyone else, our new issue Micro/Macro is available to buy online today. We chose five articles from the issue to post online for free—check them out and feel free to buy the whole issue!


• All Hail the Queen: Writer Tamara Winfrey Harris digs into race, womanhood, and perceptions of Beyonce's feminism in article that friend-of-Bitch Cheryl Strayed called, "So wise, perceptive, deep and dead on it made my heart thump." It features the great portrait of Beyonce seen above by artist Irana Douer.

• Rise of the Penis PinataA brief history of the big business of bachelorette parties. 

• Sized Up: Anna Mollow—the co-editor of Sex and Disability—explains why fatness is a queer and feminist issue.

• Gaming the System: Fans have pushed for better and more female characters in video games, but some of the most promising game ideas are dead on arrival. 

 Written Off: Black female screenwriters have penned some amazing films, but are routinely ignored by the Academy Awards.

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