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Our new site is live!

Please check it out, spread the word, and let us know what you think!  What features do you like?  What would you like to see?  Comment away...

And please support our efforts if you can – we're very excited that our site is ad free and offers content free of charge.  This publishing model only works if the folks who can support this work do.  Plus then you can see the fancy rainbow donate button in action. Exciting... 

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Thank you for bringing me more of the Bitch I love...on a daily basis I can check it out instead of longing for a new issue in the mail. Brilliant!


This is too awesome!! And I love the drawings of everyone (LISA!) very WSJ, but Bitch-style, ya know?


Veronica I. Arreola
Also at:

Mesmerized by colors and light

I've been watching and I don't think those butterflies are in the same place twice. Super fancy!
The design, the colors and the updated content make the form as lovely as the function. I am compelled to donate. More please!