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Oh wow

Well done! My favorite part is when that one woman is struggling with the beauty supplies. Classic infomercial struggling techniques :)

This video is made of win.

Even better than I imagined. Quite a few Julia's and Meryl's in the crew.

Default typefaces? Stroked letters? Drop shadows? Never thought I'd be so stoked to see them. Word.


Holy smokes people! i love it

Funny works, it will stay

Funny works, it will stay viral when you can get them laughing.

Bitch Infomercial

SOLD! Totally just bought a years subscription, good marketing skills feminists!

That's great!

Thanks for subscribing, Justine! Don't forget to spread the word by re-posting the video!

Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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You crazy americans...

You crazy americans... People win their honnor and don't bring it by frustration.

Great infomericial, etc....

I've passed this infomerical on to at least 50 people. They love's all over their FB pages.
I also thought you all would like the following, a not so polite address to the creator of the group called Men in Power...which makes me want to vomit.

Bitch Magazine

Yay! I just asked my sister to get me a copy of Bitch magazine latest issue.