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On Staring: Talking about art, disability studies, and the way we look.

A painting of a woman's profile. She is facing left and wearing a green tank top. She has a red and gold beach towl wrapped around her head in a way that looks very majestic. She has down's syndrome and a small tattoo of the outline of a heart on her arm. This painting is described in the interview.
"Swim 2" from "16 Portraits" by Chris Rush

Professor Ann M. Fox and Jessica Cooley have now curated two art shows addressing disability. The first, Re/Formations featured five women artists exploring the intersections of female identity and disability--the first art show of its kind to do so through sculpture. More recently, they wrapped up STARING, which was based off of the book Staring: How We Look by Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, one of the leading scholars in disability studies. The works in STARING address issues of representation, visibility, and empowerment....not unlike feminism. It featured artwork from Doug Auld and Chris Rush, among others.

Transcript available for download

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