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On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Good morning! Here's all the feminist news and views on our radar today...

• On Wednesday, Republican senator Lisa Murkowski became the third GOP Senate member to endorse gay marriage. Since then, the silence from conservative media corners has been deafening. [Business Insider]

• Mother Jones has a comprehensive rundown of the bad science and myths regularly trotted out by antichoice politicians when discussing abortion — for instance, that rape victims never get pregnanct and that abortions lead to PTSD, drug addiction, and more horrors. [Mother Jones]

• All those studies that are used to send women into a panic about their declining fertility? Turns out they may have been a bit overblown. I know, you're shocked. [The Atlantic]

• YA fiction author says novels for young people need to contain realistic sex scenes to counter the influence of pornogrpahy. [The Gloss]

• Robin Thicke's new track, "Blurred Lines," is essentially an ode to rape culture and apologism, and his statement that he wanted a "Terry Richardson kind of video" to go with it does not help matters. [Shakesville]

• Elsewhere in pop-music problems: Can we please, please stop arguing over whether Taylor Swift is a feminist? Seriously. [Flavorwire]

Is there such a thing as a "good feminist" or a "bad feminist"? Marianne Kirby doesn't think so, and she's sick of the casual way such a binary is assumed and discussed. [xoJane]

• The way that the human brain processes trauma means that, often, rape victims don't recount their attacks in what cops find "believable" ways. New information and better training can help. (Less general sexism would also help.) [Slate]

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