On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the feminist news I'm reading today: 

• Prime-time TV is more gender-balanced than current films—according to a massive analysis, 39 percent of prime-time TV characters are women, while we make up only 28 percent of film characters. [Sociologial Images] 

• Two articles about college graduation, since it's the season: Pictuing the enrollment gap between white students and students of color in college and Obama gives a graduation speech that veers into the territory of finger-wagging. [Racialicious, Colorlines] 

• West Virginia has a new law banning sexting between teens, but it could wind up hurting the victims it aims to protect. [RH Reality Check] 

• Are you following what's going on with #FBRape? The campaign launched earlier this week to get companies to stop running ads next to Facebook content that promotes violence against women has had a couple companies respond and no word from several others. [Women, Action, and Media] 

• The Boy Scouts of America are meeting today to decide whether to lift their ban on queer scouts—but keep in place their LGBT adults. [Advocate] 

• Bronx environmental activist Majora Carter has fought blight in her community for decades and now says a recent New York Times  profile of criticisms of her work is off-base and sexist. [The Slant]

• A WalMart security guard called the police on an interracial family because he thought the father must have kidnapped his daughters. [Alternet]   

• If you haven't already seen Hyperbole and a Half's moving personal comic about depression, go read it now. That's an order! [Hyperbole and a Half]

What's on your radar? Add links I missed to the comments!

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18 y/o girl in FL prosecuted for being in same-sex relationship

When she was 17 y/o Kaitlyn Hunt began dating her 14 y/o girlfriend. When she turned 18, her girlfriend's parents brought charges against her for engaging in "lewd and lascivious battery" with their (now 15 year old) daughter:


(Kaitlyn's parents started a petition on change.org, but the Florida prosecutor says he won't be moved by it.)

And, speaking of Florida's absurd prosecutions, , whose charges were finally dropped, held a press conference yesterday w/her twin sister, attorney & mother:


That first was was already covered earlier this week

Just FYI.