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On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Welcome to Monday! Here's all the feminist news I'm reading this morning. 

• What makes a mother? Here's a sweet little story about being a transgender parent. [The New York Times] 

* And to make you feel depressed about Mother's Day: An infographic of maternity leave around the world compared to the US. [Upworthy] 

• The final death toll at the Bagladeshi garment factory that collapsed: 1,127. Here's why the tragedy is a feminist issue.   [BBC, Red Light Politics]

• Under Siege: A dispatch from North Dakota's last abortion clinic. [Guardian] 

• Something that should be easier to fight: posting naked photos and video of someone online without their consent. [The Atlantic] 

• The rise of Beyonce and the fall of Lauryn Hill: A comparison of the two icons. [The Feminist Wire] 

Brave's Merida gets a bit of a thinning makeover by Disney. [Sociological Images] 

• And, hey! Did you know there's a new IUD designed specifically for women who haven't had kids? [Go Ask Alice] 

What are you reading? Add good links to the comments!

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About the new IUD

That article about the new IUD reads suspiciously like a press release from Bayer - which is fine, I guess. I know lots of young women who love their Mirena, and I am definitely an advocate of reproductive choice for women in all its forms. But authentic choice includes complete information about risks and side effects as well as benefits, and Sklya has pretty much the same risks as the Mirena.

Anyone who is considering hormonal birth control should carefully consider her own medical history, unique health risks, and her personal situation.

WA governor signs Children of Incarcerated Parents bill into law

Just in time for Mother's Day!

Under the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act (passed in 1997), if a child has been in foster care for 15 of the past 22 months, the foster care agencies & state must begin proceedings to terminate parental rights.

The Children of Incarcerated Parents' bill (now law!) guides the courts' discretion to delay the termination of
parental rights if the parent's incarceration or prior incarceration is a
significant factor for the child's continued stay in the foster care

A campaign to keep Merida Brave

Please sign this petition to keep Merida Brave and stop Disney from turning her into yet another hapless princess.