On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Happy Monday! This weekend had lots of interesting news. Here's what I'm reading: 

• Feminist editor and activist Mary Thom died this weekend in a motorcycle crash. Read all about her iife and legacy. [Ms.]

• The Deportation Machine: How did the government accidentally deport US citizen Mark Lyttle? [New Yorker]  

• Race on the runway: Sorry, everyone, major fashion shows haven't gotten any more diverse in recent years. [Sociological Images]  

• The boss is too bossy: Jessica Valenti spells out how a recent Politico profile of New York Times chief Jill Abramson is sexist. [The Nation] 

• A Prairie Homo Companion: Writing about queer culture in Canada's vast prairie lands. [Autostraddle] 

• Erk. Law and Order takes real stories from rape survivors and repackages them as a fictional show. [Jezebel]

• Feministing has five questions for Krystal Ball, the one-time Congressional candidate who's now a host on MSNBC's The Cycle. [Feministing]

• Transform! One woman writers about what Transformers taught her about parenting. [BlogHer]

• Beer and football: How British lad culture is alienating to pretty much everyone. [Guardian] 

What are you reading? Add your links to the comments!

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Hey, thanks so much for

Hey, thanks so much for giving a shout-out to A Prairie Homo Companion! I love Bitch and am so happy you guys like my little column about the Canadian prairies. Thanks again!