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On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Happy Wednesday! Here's all the feminist news we're reading today: 

The wrong kind of Caucasian: Tracking how the entire Chechen ethnicity is being demonized after the Boston Bombings. [Al Jazeera] 
• Today in horrors: What BP doesn't want you to know about the 2010 Deepwater oil spill. [Daily Beast] 
• And to make you feel better: A lesbian power couple who make LGBT-friendly books for kids. [Transgriot] 
• Dartmouth College students angry about recent incidents of sexual assault, homophobia, and racism on campus busted into a school chanting "Dartmouth has a problem!"  [The Dartmouth]
• Like the Associated Press, the New York Times has changed its style guide on the term "illegal immigrant." [Huffington Post] 
• An open letter from Black Girl Dangerous: "Hey, White Liberals!" [Black Girl Dangerous] 
• A new trans* literary magazine Them is starting up and looking for submissions
• Plus, check out this new poetry tour that features some great feminist writers. 
What are you reading? Add your links to the comments. 

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Thanks for the THEM shout

Thanks for the THEM shout out!

Jos Charles